Mogagolwane blazers

Coming together for a common good always makes the world a better place to live in. Ntlo ya Dikgosi recently hosted a cultutal event in the name of giving back. In partnership with Orange Foundation, Ntlo ya dikgosi cultural day was held at the Tashy Gardens at Boatle.

The Cultural day spear headed by the Ntlo ya dikgosi use this event to raise funds for charity but also cultivating cultural union amongst Batswana.

The day event had in store cultural games, traditional cuisine, traditional beer and a cultural atmosphere with guests adorned in different cultural garments.

The annual event included for the first time a fashion show from local designers, who were also amongst the sponsors of the show to show their support to the project and promote cultural fashion.

Amongst the five designers were Onkemetse from Pink Chocolate, Gontse from Curious Fashion, Mikey, Irene and GaTsh Fros.

Local and cultural music provided an atmosphere of calmness from various artists including the famous Mafitlhakgosi who brought fire on stage and excitement to the audience, the all so calm Ndigo Johwa, Letsatsi, Shumba Ratshega and Dikakapa just to name a few.

Culture and charity is what binds us together, Ntlo ya Dikgosi Chiefs consisting of 35 members across Botswana gave the perfect opportunity for Batswana and Chiefs to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of all the tribes.

TSWANA PRINCESS: Leteisi detailed Tutu dress
TSWANA PRINCESS: Leteisi detailed Tutu dress

Botswana Fashion Show
STYLISHLY CRAFTED: Different Textures create a strong outfit

Fashion clashing prints
PRETTY PRINTED: Mogagolwane designs loves clashing prints

Botswana Fashion Creativity
CREATIVITY: Ruffled Leteisi Dress by Pink Chocolate

African Culture Fashion Show - Botswana
AFRICAN: For simplicity, blue is a calming colour

#6 Bogosi Blazers: Dikgosi were loving the men in Mogagolwane Blazers.

Photography: Bright Kelehuma

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