Lekopanye Gaesupi


Man rapes mentally challenged woman

A 57-year-old man of Dukwi who was caught soon after having sex with his mentally challenged neighbor was this week convicted by the Francistown Magistrate court.

Lekopanye Gaisupe was found by the victim’s son hiding inside the 32-year-old woman’s bedroom, and his victim lying naked on the bed, talking to herself and laughing non-stop while holding her underwear.

Gaisupe then told the victim’s son that he was fully aware that his mother was not well from the “neck to the head but fine from the shoulders to her feet”.

Shell shocked and still in disbelief, the victim’s son called Gaisupe’s daughter to the scene, who was told by her father that the woman had agreed to have sexual intercourse with him.

Even in his confession statement the old man did not deny bedding his mentally sick neighbor.

“I had sexual intercourse with the victim on June 30, 2014 and I was caught by her son who then reported the matter to the police,” said Gaisupe is his initial statement.

However, during trial he claimed that he was not aware that the woman was mentally challenged.

Despite trying to argue and plead innocent, Magistrate Dumisani Basupi found evidence against the accused overwhelming.

“His reason that the victim is fine from the shoulders going down, seals it all,” said Basupi.

Gaisoupe will be back in court on April 19 for sentencing.

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