Criminal conversations
Criminal conversations

On Saturday, Voice cartoonist Lesole Ntshole escaped the relentless rays of the roasting afternoon sun by taking refuge under the shelter of a bus stop.

As he cooled off, he overheard a heated conversation on the criminal activities currently wrecking havoc in the country.

LADY IN JEANS: For the past week, police officers have worked. I read they were able to nab 27 criminals from Gaborone and Mogoditshane.

At least we’ll be able to roam the streets freely for a while!

DREADLOCKED WOMAN: I saw that on television too. It’s very sad to hear most of them were aged between 18 and 25 – so young!

They make a living by robbing people of their hard-earned valuables.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: It serves them right. I wish they rot in jail. The youth of today don’t want to find work.

They’d rather resort to illegal methods to make quick cash.

These guys are extremely dangerous as well and are happy to use violence to get what they want.

DREADLOCKED WOMAN: We used to see these things in crime movies.

Who’d have ever thought they’d one day it’d come to haunt us in Botswana?

I believe unemployment is one of the reasons for these social ills.

LADY IN JEANS: Let’s not blame unemployment because it’s everywhere in the world.

Our youth are very choosy when it comes to employment. Some people have never been employed, but they don’t wait for people at ATMs, or traffic lights to rob them.

Why don’t they join other people here in the bus rank to sell Cooltime?

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: These days criminals are aggressive. They’re not scared to get in your house, cook your food, dish for you and then steal your property.

I should buy a panga and sleep with it in my room. (Laughter).

LADY IN JEANS: As the community, we know these perpetrators, but we choose to remain silent.

They’re six others that were recently arrested for a series of house burglaries in Mahalapye.

I wish from now, the police could focus on those that are in Kanye.

The conversation ends as Kgale View Route 3 combi arrives and the trio all jump aboard.

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