‘Crazy’ suspect attacks police officers
SHOT: Seanego

A 50- year- old man from Palapye who was last week shot by the police in Serorome ward for allegedly firing a pellet gun at them has denied the accusation saying the cops are building their own defense.

Sakie Seanego allegedly had a dramatic fire exchange with the police on July 6 when they had gone to arrest him for threatening to kill his lover.

The police claim Seanego acted like a crazy man as he threw stones at them while shooting with a pellet gun.

They however granted him bail before he could even ask for it.

According to the charge of threat to kill, Seanego told his lover that he would kill her and throw her in Bonwakathako dam.

He is also accused of damaging Landcruiser vehicle belonging to the police and resisting arrest.

Inspector Ditsapelo Emmanuel offered Seanego bail on condition that he does not make physical contact with the complainant nor interfere with witnesses.

He further told Magistrate Gofaone Mosweu that they are still waiting for Seanego’s psychiatric report from Lobatse, a statement that took the magistrate aback.

When asked why they had taken the suspect for mental evaluation Mosweu said it was because he had been shot on the head and was acting like he was insane.

“They suspected he might be mentally disorganized,” stated Emmanuel.

His head still wrapped in bandages, Seanego denied being insane.

“I’m normal. We just had a misunderstanding with my woman because she cheated on me but we are okay now. We even met this morning and we did not fight. I will not utter any threats,” he stated and further accused police of denying him a chance to take medication.

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