Crazy black women and their jealous tendencies
Crazy black women and their jealous tendencies

On a Friday morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was boarding a taxi from Ntloolegwae Ward to Mafenyatlala Mall in Molepolole when he overhead a conversation among passengers discussing crazy jealous women who like to sneak up on their partners’s mobile phones.

MAN IN BROWN CAP: Women are sometimes difficult to understand.

I noticed that many women save their other boyfriend as Babe or Bae, sweetie or some such cheesy endearment term in their mobile phone.

When you as her boyfriend ask her to explain, she’s quick to tell you that the contact belongs to her ex-boyfriend.

DRIVER: If it’s not Babe, she’d save it as ‘Love.’

But you wonder why the number is saved like that or why its still saved in the phone at all if indeed she has broken up with the nigga.

MAN IN BROWN CAP: We just have to accept that in a relationship its always about the woman..

A woman is not scared to go through a man’s phone when he’s asleep.

If she sees any contact saved as ‘Love,’ she won’t even hestitate to wake you up and demand an explanation.

If she is not satisfied with that explanation all hell can break loose and crazy acts such as breaking of windows and furniture may occur.

Talk of a mad black woman, Aish!

LONG-HAIRED LADY: My advice to fellow women would be, never ever save a boyfriend’s number as Babe, or Love.

I just save it using his real name. What if I save it using those names, and we break up?

Do I then re-save it using his real name?

No I save myself the hassle and just use his real name to begin with.

MAN IN BROWN CAP: Don’t lie to us. I’m talking from experience.

Give me your phone and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. (she hands him her mobile phone).

LONG-HAIRED LADY: (Laughs) Did you find anything like babe or love?

MAN IN BROWN CAP: I didn’t find anything. May be if I could search more using other phrases like honey or sweetie, then I’d find something. (Laughter).

LONG-HAIRED LADY: (laughs) you scored a zero. Bring my phone.

The conversation ends as the man in brown cap alights at a stop near Choppies Supermarket.

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