Cousin rape case likely to be dropped
LAWMAN: Attoney Phoi

A 2016 rape case involving cousins is likely to be dropped ahead of a trial date as the complainant’s family are reportedly intent on withdrawing the matter.

The case was scheduled to begin last week before Maun Magistrate Court but was postponed indefinitely due to the Magistrate’s unavailability.

Indeed, it appears the mater might not go ahead at all as there will be no-one to testify against the suspect, now aged 24.

Confirming the development, the accused’s attorney, Lesego Phoi, told The Voice, “The prevailing attitude by both parties is that the matter should be resolved at home.

“The families have reconciled and continuing with the matter will just be punishment for my client, who I believe is innocent.”

The background of the case is that in February 2016, when the suspect was 21 and a student at Maun Senior Secondary School, he allegedly raped his 12-year-old cousin at her home in Thito ward, Maun.

The girl’s parents were away, leaving her at home with an older and younger sister.

However, when the male cousin visited earlier in the day, the older sister asked him to remain with the younger girls and went out partying.

Although the suspect has since denied the rape allegation, the two girls maintain he removed the complainant from the bed where she was sleeping with her sister, laid her on a mat on the floor, removed her pyjamas and raped her.

The youngest sibling insists she witnessed the accused on top of her sister whilst the complainant claims she was awoken by pain during the ordeal.

In her statement, she maintains that at first she thought she was dreaming. She further states she was stirred by the sharp pain of penetration, discovered her cousin on top of her and pushed him away.

For his part, the accused says he appeared to be on top of the girl because he was bending to lay her down after removing her from the bed.

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