FILE PIC: Hangman's noose

The Court of Appeal (COA) this morning confirmed the death sentence for two men accused of brutally burning their employer to death inside her vehicle back in 2014.

The two had sought the court’s relief and lenience for a lesser sentence following a death sentence that was delivered by Lobatse High Court Judge Abednego Tafa.

According to facts of the case, the deceased had been driving from her farm to Gantsi when the men attacked and burnt her inside the vehicle.

The two deathrow inmates, Tshiamo Kgalalelo (33) and Mmika Mpe (29) had approached the CoA bench seeking to have their murder, arson and abduction convictions overturned.

They were mainly challenging Tafa’s finding that there were no extenuating circumstances in the murder conviction.

They also argued that they had only intended to rob the deceased and not kill her. “Imprisonment will be an appropriate sentence as they never planned to murder the deceased, but just to rob her,” they argued through their lawyer Letlhogonolo Makgane.

The judge had also sentenced the duo to 10 years for robbery, five years for theft of motor vehicle, three years for malicious damage to property and one year for abduction.

The abduction and malicious damage to property sentences were to run concurrently, while the two years of the motor vehicle sentence ran concurrently with the robbery sentence.

Further the two had also been charged with sexual assault, but the court acquitted them of those charges due to insufficient evidence.

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