Court can't stop reporters from doing their job

Magistrate tells irate suspected rapist

The court has no power to chase away reporters from an open court.

Magistrate Mokibe-Oahile explained the above fact to an irate suspected rapist, Jenamiso Ramaeba who was demanding for reporters to be ejected before the case could proceed.

Ramaeba, 27, was a co-accused in a case in which two serial rapists appeared before Molepolole Magistrate Court this week.

“Nna ke babaletswe ke gore re kwalwe mo dipampiring, fa a sa ntshediwe ko ntle nna ke tla bona gore ke dira jang,”(I am tired of us being published in newspapers, if the reporter is not chased away from the court room I will see what to do,” Ramaeba bitterly said before he stormed out of court and yelled, ““o itirile sejeso mo go nna” “ You have made yourself a muti on me.”

However, the magistrate went ahead to explain that the criminal law allows the court to continue with the trial even if the accused handled himself in the manner he had conducted himself, so the case went on.

In his defence Ramaeba’s co-accused 33-year-old Ogolotswe said he had long requested for the court proceedings records, which he claimed he could not be tried without.

In a very short session, the witness Basupafetse Moipolai (30) said the other day Ramaeba visited him and asked for a cigarette to smoke, before he left, saying he wanted to visit a certain woman whose names he did not disclose

“The following day I heard stories that Ramaeba connived with another and raped the victim,” Moipolai briefly explained.

Another witness, 27-year-old Dikagiso Garemoitse shocked the court after taking the stand by saying he did not know why he was brought before the court.

The duo Ramaeba and Tolwe are suspected to have raped their 29-year-old neighbour throughout the night after drinking local brew, chibuku beer from a nearby depot in Sojwe.

The Chief Magistrate ordered Tolwe to check the documents with the clerk of court and set July 8th, 2019as the next date of mention.

The co-accused was remanded in custody.

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