Tati East ward Specially elected Councillor, Mathodi Modisapudi, has resigned from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) with immediate effect.

The Councillor told The Voice in an interview this week that she was fed up with the undemocratic processes within the ruling party.

She pointed an accusing finger at area Member of Parliament, Guma Moyo, for sowing seeds of division in the constituency. “The MP has his preferred candidates and the branch committee which is under his spell is doing everything to frustrate other individuals who have shown interest to stand for elections,” she said.

Modisapudi said she reported her concerns to both the branch and regional committees but no solution has been provided. “The BDP Central Committee is aware of my concerns. I complained that the MP’s office is being used to register members which is against the law. Registration books should be handed to the ward to make it easy for us to register members but Guma and his team have made this difficult,” she cried.

Confirming her arrival at Botswana People’s Party, Modisapudi said BPP Party President, Motlatsi Molapisi, met her on Tuesday evening to welcome her to her new political home. “I’m happy to be at BPP and I’ll hit the ground running to recruit new members. Guma usually is voted by a little over 5000 people but Tati East has over 14000 people, these are the people I’ll reach out to,” she said, confirming that she plans to challenge Guma in the coming elections.

“Remember Tati East is the only constituency that never holds political rallies because Guma is not that kind of a politician and that has increased voter apathy in the constituency and we are going to change that under BPP,” she said.

BPP President Motlatsi Molapisi confirmed the recent developments in an interview with The Voice. The veteran leader confirmed meeting Modisapudi yesterday.
“She joined yesterday,” he said.
“It is part of the party’s recruitment drive and our strategy to weaken the ruling party. Our new recruit will be officially welcomed to the party soon,” said Molapisi.

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