North-West District Botswana

The Registrar of Societies together with Council Bye Law office and other law enforcement agencies in Ngamiland will soon carry out an exercise to ensure that all churches and societies operating in the district are registered.

The move comes after it was realized that of the many churches in the Ngamiland District only 150 were registered.

When addressing a full council meeting for North West District, council chairperson Lathang Molonda said that he was concerned by the alarming rate at which churches in the district were mushrooming.

He said that though it is without a doubt that the society has to be God fearing it  also becomes an impediment for development and peace if churches continue to mushroom all over the place.

Molonda said that despite the laid down procedure for churches to be registered, some choose to operate without licences.

“It is unfortunate that only submission of applicants and screening is done at district level and thereafter submitted to head office for consideration and registration.”

He cautioned churches and other societies that operate illegally about penalties which range from P500.00 to P1000.00 or an imprisonment term not exceeding seven years or both.

Molonda further mentioned that the Registrar of Societies has already submitted amendments of some sections of the Societies Act and that the draft is currently at Attorney General Chambers.

“I hope that the amendments will address future issues associated with mushrooming of churches,” he said.