IN PAIN: Sankoloba
IN PAIN: Sankoloba

A Francistown businessman, Oratile Sankoloba is nursing a bullet wound to his leg. Sankoloba, 31 was shot by a police officer at Tati Siding village last week for allegedly trying to flee police interrogation.The Director of Fassy Spares has however denied the allegations and threatened to take legal action against the police for injuries inflicted on hi

Speaking to The Voice this week, Sankoloba said the incident occurred at around 11pm when he was was stopped by police officers and asked where he was going.

‘I told them I was going home and they released me. To my surprise they followed me and when I was still wondering what was happening they overtook me and drove over to my lane to block me.I swerved out of the road and stopped the car. When I got out to catch a leak they shot me on the thigh.”

He says as he screamed in pain he could hear the officer who shot him saying ,“That’ll teach you not to take the police for granted.”Sankoloba’s incensed father, Keifasi Johanne accused the police of being trigger happy and vowed to assist his son to fight for justice.

“I am really hurt by this. My son is not a criminal; he is a business man and a director of my company. I want to know what the law has to say about this kind of shooting. Why did they not chase him and handcuff him if he was running away? Was shooting the really best solution?”He asked.

NOT AMUSED: Keifasi Johanne
NOT AMUSED: Keifasi Johanne

Gerald Police Station Commander Masego Mathitha however said that when police officers flagged him down Sankoloba parked the car and bolted.

“They fired a warning shot and he did not stop, that’s when they became suspicious and shot him on the leg.” she said

The station commander further revealed that police were still investigating to establish whether a car engine that was found in Sankoloba was stolen or not.

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Pharra Phatshwa

nyaa banna le fa ke se mankge wa tsa ditlhobolo, a ekare motho a siya a fulwa kwa pele ga serope jang? wena lepodisi le legolwane ela tlhoko gore o raya sechaba o reng. Sankoloba laiti yaaka o seka wa ba ba lesa.


Somebody is lying that’s for sure! As in for the police bullets aint the way to go!


Yes it sounds crazy and untrue..2010 around September, we were driving from Sebina to Francistown..3 of ours in a my friends company van(with a big LOGO) just after the Orapa Junction there was a Buck trying to cross to the other side,for that my friend swayed the car to avoid hitting this animal..Then after a car behind us flickered its lights for us to stop, not a BX but a VVT Toyota 4×4..We did not stop until this car was driving parallel to our car going the same direction..As soon as we stopped this VVT car blocked us so that… Read more »


If a high rankin officer can shoot a person for suspectin him instead of handcuffing him rather, then a special constable might as well shoot us for smillin. Mr Edwin Batshu we nid u back. The world z cumin 2 an end.


“there was a Buck trying to cross to the other side,for that my friend swayed the car to avoid hitting this animal..”
presume Sasloo that if your friend did hit the animal he would be in trouble again – he did the right thing to swerve and avoid hitting the animal.

There seem to be alot of incidents involving arrogant officers including the one that shot at one person that hurt where it hurts most when he was involved in an argument with his girlfriend – they should be professional in their approach