A GIVING HAND: Mochudi Police District Commander, Seabe Maboka handing over the cheque

Mochudi Police District Commander Senior Superintendent Seabe Maboka last week called on visual impaired people to live a meaningful life and not to see their disability as an obstacle.
Maboka made his call at a ceremony at which the Botswana Police Services presented a P10 000.00 check to the Mochudi Resource Centre for the Blind.
“The fact that you have a problem with your sight should not make you a less of a human being than anybody else. You must work hard to fulfill your potential,” the Mochudi Police Chief said to the applause of students and staff of the centre, which offers accommodation and educational facilities to visual impaired children.
“With hard work and dedication you can one day hold positions of responsibility in society. Some day any of you can be the police chief or even the president of the country. All you need is to work hard at your education and do your best to fulfill your potential,” Maboka added.
Maboka told his audience that the money the police gave to the school was a result of a joint effort by the Commissioner of Police, police officers from all corners of the country and Barclays Bank Botswana.
“The Commissioner gave P5 000.00, Barclays Bank through their managing director, Thuli Johnson contributed P1000.00 and our officers from all over the country contributed the rest”, Maboka said before promising that his the station will help the centre again in the future.
“We are playing our part in making this Botswana into a loving and caring nation as per vision 2016,” Maboka concluded.

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Chris M

I suppose every little helps and should be appreciated but for a giant bank like Barclays to give P1000 when the poor Police gave P5000 is just bizzare!