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Cop Denied Bail For Threat To Kill

Cop Denied Bail For Threat To Kill

A 44-year old police officer at Gaborone West police, Sergeant Samuel Keamogile this morning appeared before Village magistrate court for a single count of threat to kill.

Keamogile is alleged to have threatened to kill his Special Constable girlfriend, Gladys Moagaesi, 25, last week Thursday in Gaborone.

The court heard that the accused had uttered the words, ‘If you think you are going to be in the house forever, I am going to break that door and blow your head with a gun’, compelling the frightened woman to lock herself up in the house the whole day.

State Prosecutor, Christina Ramokwena, pleaded with Magistrate Godwill Makofi, to have the accused remanded in custody as, she said, the two workmates could not share the same office as their tempers were still flaring.

Ramokwena also argued that the matter was still fresh, and that the investigation teams were still to establish whether the suspect had the gun he mentioned. “I understand that the accused has the right to liberty, but it can be limited as he instilled fear in another human being,” she said.

She also asked the court to have Keamogile’s plea reserved.

When pleading for bail, Keamogile said he had many responsibilities that would suffer if he was to be sent to jail. “I am a pastor and I’m supposed to be ordained soon. I live with my late sister’s child who is sick and if I’m denied bail the child will die,” he said.

Magistrate Makofi turned down the bail application as he said threat to kill was a serious offence punishable by a 10-year jail term.

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