Umh! I’m caught up in my indecision; I once wrote to you about my relationship with a girl who is now my ex.

We broke up because she misbehaves even towards her mum. Now I think she wants me back; I’m not sure, but her actions indicate so…it’s just that she can’t say it.

As for me, I have my doubts because I think getting back with her would be stupid…I’m really confused.

She grew up spoiled and she doesn’t want to cook or do the dishes at her home.

Her mum is a single parent who works at one of the big companies.

It really annoys me that she manages to get her mother to buy her a lot of expensive stuff and when I talk to her she doesn’t listen because I don’t have the expensive things that she has, but I think she is going to hurt herself.

Gase says:

Hello Superboy. Sorry to read that you and the young lady have broken up.

When you say she doesn’t behave well, you mean like how…and how is her behaviour towards her mother?

Please give me some examples of her behaviour that worries you so much.

Apart from not wanting to cook or wash the plates, what else is she doing or not doing that you don’t like?

And what is her mother saying or doing about that, or is she just fine with it even when her daughter is misbehaving towards her?

So you think she wants you back but is not saying it? Ah well, maybe one of these days she’ll tell you.

What about you; apart from her behaviour, how do you feel about her?

Would you get back with her, given the chance?

Why are you confused…is it because you also want her back even though you don’t like the fact that she does not behave well?

Why do you think she’s going to hurt herself?

If she doesn’t listen to you, why don’t you talk to a trusted elder to help, such as her Guidance & Counseling teacher if she’s still in secondary school?

It’s better that you try to get her some help before she gets hurt.

Please answer all the questions I have asked here so that I can guide you further.

To be continued

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