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This week we are covering eco friendly architecture.

Recycled shipping containers to be exact! This modern style of creating a functional living space is the future! It is for those men and women who have a taste and attraction to unique styles that reflect their lifestyle.

We have discovered one shipping container store in our own backyard, and must I say it’s really impressive to see this forward environmental beneficial way of thinking in Gaborone Botswana!

ALL IN ONE: They are such a convenient storage facility

This type of modern architecture approach has grown in the past decade, and is more popular in first world countries.

It is an alternative modern way of living, which has proved to be functional.

For instance a Texan man has built an entire house with these shipping containers, more than 14 of these were used, which created a space of about 37 000 square feet, the perfect DIY home if you ask me.

A school in Mexico is built with these eco friendly containers.

Container City is a name of an office block in London that has about 73 shipping containers that are used as offices spaces.

In Melville South Africa I visited 27 Boxes, which is a mini craft mall.

The whole architectural space is made from shipping containers and has small construction detailed features that give it perfect blend between an apocalyptic era and futuristic vibrancy, due to the awesome rainbow colors of the different containers.

Our local store, Mmamontle, is an attraction with its stimulating arts and colors.

This one container has been efficiently used to house several products.

These items are also displayed in a way that highlights each of them.

Providing a sitting area for those lazy shoppers and cool ambience lovers.

ISSA VIBE: Create a whole mood

Why shipping containers you ask? Well that’s simple, mostly because they are environmentally friendly.

The environment has become a global concern and being educated more on eco-friendly ideas that are both sustainable and user friendly not only looks cool, it helps us take better care of our planet.

This type of space takes away from the hustle of the traditional way of brick and cement, which sometimes contain harmful materials.

Repurposing a carrier container is a great way to give it a new function.

How amazing would it be being able to move about urban areas with your store or home?

Lets not forget rent is free depending on settling location.

Shipping containers can be placed and moved about in places most brick buildings can’t be built.

They don’t need extensive design and time, depending on the functionality of the container.

The strength of these is what ultimately makes them the perfect recyclable materials.

The fact that they can withstand harsh sea weather conditions while carrying valuable goods and still not move is remarkable.

Can you tell I’m an advocate for shipping containers as a lifestyle space?

The appearance of a container used as a Store, home, Airbnb or a short-term rental, fundamentally makes it a new modern architectural design.

This will instantly be a tourist attraction if the market continues to grow.

Cynthia Botshelo Mothelesi’s store is one of its kind in Gaborone.

It has been a fresh inspiration for the New Year.

Hopefully this trend will catch on, and add on to the tourism industry and our modern culture growth.

Here is a quick Q&A with the Storeowner, Cynthia Botshelo Mothelesi, on her experience of owning a shipping container store:

Q: What the name of your store and what is it about?
A: “Mmamontle” is a concept store that focuses on promoting local businesses, providing a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services.

Q: What attracted you to the idea of turning a shipping container into a store?
A: I’m a creative, and always on the constant lookout for fresh and innovative ways of doing things.

Q: Botswana is undergoing a heat wave as we speak. How do you best ventilate a metal space like this one?
A: The entire side of the container is very much open, we have perforated partitioning that brings in air into the store, I know its not enough in this heat and we also have a small fan by our working section within the store. When it rains or anytime after 6pm, it’s actually very nice and cool. Hopefully in the winter it will not be too cold!

Q: How do you create room in a relatively small space?
A: We have shelf spaces that are strategically placed to create space for movement within the store.

Q: Describe the distinctive look of your store in three words.
A: Vibey, eccentric and uber cool!

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