CONCERNED: Tebogo Matome

The Botswana Consumer Fair stall sales and number of exhibitors grew by three percent compared to last year,Fairgrounds Marketing Manager Thabo Mogomotsi revealed.
The fair which was first held in 2006 following restructuring of the then Botswana International Trade Fair had 495 stalls, 420 exhibitors, 20 local manufacturers and 15 foreign exhibitors as well as eight participating countries.
According to Mogomotsi the show is a window for business ideas which could lead to entrepreneurial opportunities and job creation to further boost diversification of the economy. By engaging various local suppliers the organisers said they supported a large sector of the small and medium enterprises.

With provision of opportunities for economic diversification as one of the objective of the show, LEA CEO, Tebogo Matome said at the prize giving ceremony that the world economic recession had highlighted the downside of country’s dependence on the mineral sector and an urgent need to diversify the economy.
“It is my belief that growth and development of the non-mining sectors on Botswana can only be achieved through deliberate and targeted interventions and creation of strong backward and forward linkages within the different sectors and with the rest of the economy,” Matome said.

Meanwhile there was also fun for the kids who turned up in large numbers on Saturday. The amusement park, not for the faint hearted, had kids and adults spinning in different machines. Orange who seemed to have gone all out with their big shop and entertainment arena also gave away a BMW car, a house and a P60 000 salary to a lucky winner as the Change competition came to a close.
Male circumcision campaign was also a crowd puller with their edutainment and 5-a-side football competitions as they encouraged men to trim their foreskins.