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Dear Consumer’s Voice
I applied for a 24-month Botsnet Internet connection in March and I signed for a contract that provided a PC notebook with the package for an extra P100 a month.  I was provided with a voucher, worth P1, 800 by Botsnet to go and collect the notebook from Modi Investments. Modi Investments did not have the notebooks in stock and they put my name down on the waiting list and did not hear from them until recently when they called to say that I should bring an extra P1, 100 and the voucher to collect the notebook as the new notebooks are worth P2, 900. When I called Botsnet they said I should write them a letter and cancel the contract and they will reimburse me all the money I have paid towards the notebook. I feel wrongly treated for the following reasons:I have been paying Botsnet for 5 months for a product I did not have, which I don’t think is fair.  Most importantly the contract said I would receive a notebook for P100 that I have been paying every month. To me it is as simple as Botsnet are failing to supply the notebook as agreed in the contract. The contract I signed for did not stipulate that I would have to pay an additional P1, 100 for the notebook.
Is the way the issue has been handled from March a fair treatment to me as a consumer?

Firstly you deserve to be congratulated in dealing with this problem so calmly.  We need more consumers like you who don’t go mad and start screaming and shouting, who continue to adhere to the contract they signed but make an assertive complaint that the supplier can deal with.
We got in touch with Botsnet and asked them to see what they could do to fix this situation.
Very quickly they came back to us, saying that their management was going to investigate what had gone wrong and that they would sort it out.  They did.  A few days later the reader got a call from Botsnet saying that there was a pleasant surprise waiting at their offices.
The fantastic news is that the reader now has an incredibly cute little laptop.  The reader says “Its wonderful! I love it!”  I can see why, isn’t it cute?
The lesson here is simple.  Every so often, even with the best companies, things go wrong.  The mature companies, the grown up ones are the ones that realise that there’s been a problem and they fix it.  Of course it helps if you, as a consumer, give them the chance to fix it.
It also helps of course if they can give you a sexy little toy to go home with!

Ventura Capital Partners – an update
Last week we reported on a question about this company from Grenada in the Caribbean who cold-called a reader out of the blue offering investments.  We did some research and found that the authorities in both Grenada and the UK have warned the public about them.  The Grenadan financial services watchdog even issued a press release saying that the company “is not licensed (…) to conduct any type of financial activity in or from Grenada”.
We contacted the company, who refuse to answer the phone these days, and asked them for their reaction to the authorities and to our concerns.  They made various excuses which you can see on our blog but ended by saying we must remove “any negative information you have posted on the Internet as we do not want to involve our Legal Department”.

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