In the United States of America it is common for people to build houses out of wood with hardwood floor installation seattle wa set on their flooring for added design and class.

That concept is slowly catching on in the local market.

The houses made out of wood prefer to have a sloping roof for a better design and to make every house as safe as they can get, the builders are placing Roof anchor points on top of every house they build as this makes further renovations much easier and safer.

Hi-Tech Dynamic Ventures trading as Wooden Boys is a hundred percent citizen owned company that trades in wooden houses construction.

Hi-Tech Dynamic Ventures Managing Director, Dixie Ditshetelo came up with the idea of building log houses after he realised that no one was doing it locally and yet there was a market for such kind of business.

He set up shop in White City in Gaborone and business started booming.

His mission is to build as many houses as he can together with his team of five colleagues. His charges ranger from P80 000 per unit upwards.

“The wood is treated so that it does not get damaged by insects or pests, all the cuts were performed with perfection, by utilizing the best tools from the Miter Saw Buzz Review. It can last up to 50 years without being damaged. We make sure we treat it nicely so that our customers don’t come back to complain but rather to embrace us,” Ditshetelo said.

So far most of the houses they have built are farm houses, reveals Ditshetelo because Batswana seem to prefer to use wood for building mainly at the farm and not in the city.

However, he said his company is capable of building any type of house using wood even for city dwellers.

“Our mandate is to build any type of house using wood. It is cheaper to use wood than brick and cement. In the USA wooded buildings are common because they are safer and environmentally friendly,” said Ditshetelo

The Wooden Boys have so far constructed houses for schools and for private clients.

The managing Director talks confidently about lodge owners being some of their valued customers.

“The idea of building these types of houses is getting recognised across the country. Although there are some people who still think these kind of houses are suited only for the farm, the idea is catching on,” he said.

His company ‘s main challenge however is finding skilled labour required to build such houses.

“Many Batswana are not trained in building log houses. It takes a bit of time to train people in this field because it is not as easy as it looks. And no school is offering any course on how to build wooden houses in the country so it is indeed a huge challenge,” Ditshetelo said

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Save the Trees

its is common but are all those trees that have been chopped down being replaced ? it is it amazing how humanity is destroying the enviornment