I have started driving school and I’m loving it to the max. I know I am going to pass everything at just one try so yep, look out for your girl behind the wheal very soon. But until then, I’ll continue using public transport.

Speaking of public transport, now there is this guy who is a conductor and he is forever pestering me for my number. Every single morning when he sees me he just has to say hi and asks me if I slept well. It annoys me a lot because I’m just not interested but once in a while it’s nice to see the person smiling just because I said hello.

So one morning when I was with my friend going to work, yep I do work guys, the conductor came to say good morning. It was then that something popped in my mind, thoughts have a tendency of randomly popping in my mind by the way. I thought of this conductor guy and how he just doesn’t give up on getting my number. So I laughed aloud  and my friend asked if I was going crazy.
This is what I told her: Now you know I have noticed that a lot of ladies want to be with guys who are handsome, talk smart and are fashionable. It’s alright to want this especially if you are a lady who’s always up to date. I mean why would you want to be with a guy who is a conductor or a builder a apara di ovarolo le dirifi (in overalls and heavy duty boots) while you are a fashionable accountant or a marketing executive? This is how most of or older sisters think and I assure you our younger sisters are also going to have the same mentality.

This conductor makes sure he sees me every morning, which amazes me. If it was a guy who works in an office and has an expensive car, do you think he would also go through so much trouble just to say hello? I don’t think so. You see, in the eyes of this conductor, I am the most beautiful being he has ever seen (I believe I am beautiful by the way). But to a handsome guy, who has a fantastic job and a fabulous car, I am just one of the pretty girls that he can just step on and move to the next. I’m not saying that all guys are like this but most of them are. So watch out for such.

What I am saying here is that most ladies are fooled by what they see on the outside and they don’t really see what lies beneath. You know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover!

Now the conductor just has eyes for you and he wouldn’t dare hurt you while the office guy eyes every skirt that he sees, batho ba ba kgaphisa sithito kana (these people can make you sweat). We are young so it’s best we know these things, I tell you guys, we are still to find out a lot of amazing things. Remember, what you see on the outside might not be a replicate of what is in the inside. Take care and beware my beautiful people.

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Peace ladie

you telling da truth,we ladies love guys ba selebego se se rileng ebile ba bereka tiro e rileng,coz of dat wa go itlhela re mo rata re le bantsi, ene abo a dira ka fa a ratang kanteng akere wa bo ale fa gare jaaka philo,instead of o itseele guy o go ratang thata ole nosi otlaa bo ore he is not handsome! legale ka gatwe e ja serati!


o bua nnete mma.Some guys re ba kgaphela kothoko e le bone the true thing. Ba ba madi ba ke stress,you should have one if you are ready go nna o hupetse ka STRESS


so o beile kae ngwana yo mongwe mma??


Eish bo cute guys le bone ke mathata bt aniwai love is just love and it have its own misteries, prblm is we fall for wrong reasons, tota re latlhile meaning wa lorato so lets love for the right reasons all will be well. Go tswa fela u can find an office man who is loving and also never say never u dnt knw ur fate.


mma he wa reng?a rre wa conductor a solofele sengwe?tlhalosa mma o a diega


ya , so a ne o file mothaka di contacts , not so good to leave us suspended …


jaanong wa reng nee mma, follow your heart my dear, frm this ke dumela gore o setse o na le dikgatlhego, love is blind, maybe ke ene monna yoo mme, u r right never judge a book by its cover, bo mrcutie bare kgapisa sethito yet we dnt learn.go for him mama…………


go for him plz. the guy is really ur man!


atlist u sein what most gals a aint aware af……………………..


i loveeee your article. i too am a relatively professional lady, quite independent. same experience as you with a conductor who had a huge crush on me. i am quite cute, but have never had so much attention from the ‘flasy guys with thier flashy cars’. after being bruised and battered by gabz guys, i said to myself, to hell with it, if the man has good principles and loving to me, why not go for it. i married him! he’s not a conductor, but i earn more than him. i am stress free, i dont have to worry about… Read more »

marato..../[email protected]#

i got the same problem, m too choosy mme ga nke ke boelwa ke sepe, gatwe re reng ke bolawa ke bo miss independent…

ketshephang joseph

ijoo! ke mathata.Lades know wat u want and go 4 it. take him if u want mma! RONA LE REPALETSE!


@Raffy i like ur attitude!Le nna my man ga a bereke tiro e e ko godimo n i knw um gna earn way more dan se a se amogelang cz um stil a student bt blv me he’s da best lover in dis wrld.Whn i strted goin out wit him my frends wer against da relatxnship bt i didnt listen 2 dem i 4lowed my hart..dat was in 2007.Now its bin 3 yrs re ntse re le mmogo n um so hapi dat we r expectin our bbygal ka Novemba.Dis guy ga a ntsenye stres..he respcts me n givs me… Read more »

true that

so true,when i met my boyfriend he was just a driver,had absolutely nothing and i was in ub.but the love he has been giving me since 2007 has never changed,he has been there with me through so much,and i trust him so much,he is growing as a person,he is now studying and working at the same time and he appreciates that i stood by him and believed in goes beyond material things