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I know this issue has been discussed many times and some of you guys might even be tired of it, but hey, it is worth talking about and can never be an exhausted issue. You know I never really used to give much attention to this issue simply because all the schools I have attended obviously didn’t distribute condoms. But now, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have entered a new chapter and now the school that I go to does indeed distribute condoms. I must admit, I was shocked the first time I saw this because I have never seen condoms in my bathroom! and it can be a bit scary, if you know what I mean.
So I ask you, my precious readers of ‘Youth Affair”, should condoms be distributed in schools? At which level of school should they be distributed and will it be in the best interest of the school children? Or do you think that this is just a call for disaster and that doing this will just encourage children to start engaging in sexual activities, that’s if they haven’t started of course.
Well I think that condoms should indeed be distributed in schools as this will help decrease the spread of H.I.V amongst the youth and again decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies. We know that of recent there has been an increase in the number of school dropouts due to pregnancies and this is of great concern. I’ve also seen a number of pregnant students here at the university and I believe that if anything can be done to stop this or at least reduce it, then why not do it!
Like I mentioned in my first article, most teenagers start having sex as early as 15 years so I think it only makes sense that condoms be distributed from junior schools on wards. Get me right people, I’m not saying that children should start having sex at an early age, I’m just saying it’s better to save the lives of those who have started rather than ignore them.
Of course, a lot of guidance and counselling should be done and children be advised to concentrate on their studies and not sex but we need to be realistic and face facts.
However, I don’t believe that people can be pressurized into having sex just because they see condoms in their bathrooms. It all depends on an individual, if you understand yourself and know what you want in life, then it won’t be a big deal for you. So I say let condoms be distributed and those who use them will use them but those who don’t need them, won’t use. It’s as simply as that… Take care my beautiful people!!

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thats a very gud idea, i think it wud be best to introduce them at junior high, we all know we start to have an intrest in sex at such an age so why not face the facts and do something bout it.


If you introduce condms @schools you should also build a sex court. Where are those kids going to do it? Classrooms,toilets or bush.
And i suggest you guys should then guard those condoms since i overhead a conversation of sme university students who would punch a pack of condoms just for fun and then put the back into the box.
Can you imagine what those younger more curious teens could do???


nxe bana ba malatsia bara motsoko bale ba nnye.

MGB aka semanman

di tiseng kwa re di irise,wi are tired ke tse di ha tse dinkgang tsa mophako


Well, I agree with this article. I think that condoms should be distributed between junior high & high school. My junior high school didnt distribute them, but my high school did. Even though they distributed condoms it didnt encourage me to have sex. It did help those kids that were engaging in sexual activity. Because kids are going to do what they want to do whether they are told not to do it or not. Like I was always told “Be good, If yoou cant be good be careful” We need to teach our kids how to be more resposibile… Read more »


no!no! condom distribution, those who hv started let them die. Yehovah doesn’t want children to hv sex b4 marriage


Nyaa!your time will come.hold off on sex as long as you can.


aa re a rata kana ga re rate,bana ba tlhakanela dikobo ba le bannye, so lets face the truth and teach them how to protect themselves when they do it. ga gona gore go ka tweng, ebile ga gona go re sologela molemo ka go ngakalla ka kgang ya teng ntse re bona,mo ga se kgang ya gore rona bagolo re ikutwa jang ka tlhakanelo dikobo ya bana-NO its about se se ka dirwang gore bana ba sireletsege mo malwetseng a tlhakanelo dikobo go sa kgathalesege gore a mongwe o apruvile.


I wish they wouldnt have sex if only they knew what this world has in store for them.

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U a plyng in the devil’s territory nd ths is hs weapon,wtch out ones u display ths silly cndoms u hv fulfilled hs mrk,the word is wat ths kids nid and oh!who syd a cndom wl prtct ths yngstrs?i gat nws 4 u,its nt 100% sf.BEST SOLUTION,CUT THEM TUBES ba bake!u aint slvn’ a thng wth cndoms man!


ke kgan e thata cz rona ke gone re kopanang fela le dicondoms in tertiary,so all alon we had no chance to get access to them thts why we ddnt indulge in sex,ne re sedna choice or els ngwana wa kokota,so todays are nt yesterdays

Chris M

The obvious answer is, yes, they should! There is undeniable evidence and stats to show that school kids still drop out with teenage pregnacy and many succumb to HIV/AIDS despite the preaching in support for abstinence! So, if people are not going to abstain, then the next best protection, condom, should not be hard to get! That’s being real! There should be honesty and the truth when discussing sex issues as accuracy and facts are the only realistic key to saving our nation! I suppose individuals have to be honest to themselves to start off with! Then collectively, we can… Read more »


ok you give them condoms then what? some of these schools girls are being used by the older people outside school, the best is to continue teaching them to abstain…


ke gone le ba segetseng ha lehureng,ga ba na g reetsa ko skolong all thy wl thnk about k g jana hela, so its nt a gud idea


ok distribute them gore ba itse gre e jewa e phuthetswe..bt tmrw dnt compain le re bana ga ba ithute cos they are abusing sex..


If you people actually think that this will curb the skyward rate of teenage pregnancy, you have another thing coming. Honestly, the very thought of carrying this lackadaisical and inept idea out is idiotic itself unless one is a politician who seeks platitudes of nominations from a perverted majority of youths during national elections. You know what? Fine! Give them the cursed polymerized contraptions. Let them openly flirt with their so called significant other in class. Let them doze off in class after a steamy session the previous night. Let their minds be eternally occupied by erotic thoughts during school… Read more »


I dnt mind if condoms are placed in schools bcause kids know practical Biology 2 much these days. On the other hand this will b a time for potential prostitutes to be out of cage. All in all let kids hav them bcause the reason why hiv&pregnancies are rampant is because of hidding thinz 4 our kids in the past. being defensive and hidding thins wount help because the already know sex and are having it more then us, we need to open up.


@Charlemagne and dead man, u like bringing God in2 some topics, This is reality we are talkin about here what we see with our own eyes tht if we dnt do somthn 4 our kids/youngasister&brothas re tla be re ba latlhile fela jaaka re ne ke latlhiwa fa rele bannye o bolelelwa gore ngwana ga a tsolwe wa rekwa kwa spetele




@Davro The point I’m emphasizing is that giving teenagers the liberty to copulate at will is going to hurt the country massively. I do not need to repeat what I’ve stated. For your own information this issue has everything to do with God’s glorious word for He clearly says that those who commit fornication shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body, but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body” I Corinthians 6:18 ”Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both… Read more »




Its better to carry a condom and not need to use it than not have one and need it.

Fact Maniac

go ahead and opt to distribute condoms,so that teachers now have a nice excuse to introduce ‘practical sex’ as an Option!!!teachers ar now going to miss lessons having sex either le bana ba skolo or bo mistress ko staff-roomun or ko di toilet(even store-room)…bo-mmaseapei(sorry for lack of a better word)…are going to have sex in the kitchen—thhis country is surely goin to be a nice place to be at(had plans to go study abroad but now this article makes me wanna change my mind)ga se ka di lectura tse di leker in tertiary(slender gals)…mmmmmhhhhhbana ba skolo siang koo sex is… Read more »


@Charlemagne:My brother how many people out there disobey the word of god every split second?Here we are talking reality,people are dying of aids every minute.That bible theory has not worked,its not working and its never gonna work. Lets face facts,people need condom protection,period……

wa tseba na kgang e ya morobalo ya makatsa,y lena ba ren bana ba itshware baseke ba robalana le paletswe?ke eng sene se le kganela go itshwara b4 mariage…se se kase ba kganele bone.?atleast batla bo le proteted..!


Your pessimism and contrariarsi epitomizes the disposition of this country’s inhabitants. And that is the architect of your demise.
I’m just trying to help. Yes, people have tried it before and had dismal results. But did they try hard enough, did they carry it out wholeheartedly. Try harder. There is no victory without struggle.


o bona dis age ya ma 14 e thalihile blind nd e setse e ja sex lyk hell,malast e rile grootman a mphetela a ba bona ba suputsana e rile are wa kgalema ba mo raya bare a te a tsee if h want samthn.i thnk is beter ba gaiwe dicd 2 protect themselvs coz morobalo ba o ja go gaisa le rona bomogoloabone

Chris M

Charlemagne, as much as many people understand your sentiments and wish it could be as simple as that, the reality is different! No one here is saying we should abandon the encouragement for abstinence but what may work perfectly for an individiual does not work well for a community of people with different views and believes! So, as we continue to campaign for all those good values, lets be real and make available what we know and is supported by eveidence to be the next best preventive tool that works for a community of people! We have heared may allegations… Read more »


Ga go thuse go loba gore bana ba ja thobalo.Mme nna i can only encourage them to abstain. Re tsene sekolo go sena dilo tseo a ko ba itshoke aah!


@Chris M So you’re giving up? Just like that? You’re succumbing to the devil’s toy? You’re just going to sit there and watch these teenagers do as they please. Let me tell you something, sex is not primarily for pleasure, it’s for procreation which means it’s for MARRIED ADULTS ONLY. Another thing you seem to forget is that a condom is not totally reliable. There will be a time when it bursts, and there will be a time when demand will be so high that produce will not meet demand resulting in hastily made and faulty condoms which will only… Read more »


Did I mention that condoms are polymers which are made out of oil which coincidentally is running out?

Chris M

Charlemagne, I’m not oppossed to those ideals at all! However, issues like this bring home the truth that sometimes realism takes precedence over idealism! We all know that even the appropriate use of condoms will never assure anyone of 100% protection like absolute abstinence but the reality dictates that those that will not abstain need to be protected as best as possible, ie using condoms! Hence the need for them to be made easily available! When it comes to the issue of sex, even church people secretly have it and them they are out preaching about the evil of fornication… Read more »


@Charlemagne the fact that u know bible too much compromises your judgement. O itsenya dilo tse difa tse di itsang ditonki go leba ka fa thoko to avoid distraction. Even u might have had sex when at juniour unless u were 1 of those who said we are matching over to jerusalem. Let kids hav them,its better to have 1bullet when going to a fight than to carry none


guys sometimes we have 2 face reality bana ba a jana,ba tsenwa ke mogare ba a tshola….nd the only altrnatve is 2 give them condoms gona le go jana boloto……


@Darvo I’m 17 today and still a virgin. I was brought up the Christian way and will never depart from it. Your perception and that of many others of Christianity is terribly clouded. @Chris M Just because someone goes to church does not imply that they are born again. By their deeds you will know them. And have you considered the points I raised about condoms? Here are some more: 1.Condoms can and will break, and when they do, it goes unnoticed. 2.The penis must not become flaccid whilst the condom is still on as semen and other fluids will… Read more »

joe junior

what you are doing is you are bringing SEX to schools. ga ba kake ba di dirisa botlhe. ipaakanyetseng baimana ba banana, AIDS, le tse dingwe. thank GOD ga kena nnake.


morobalo tshaba koo mon baneng ba sekolo.mme gone is a gud idea,gongwe boimana ja bana ba sekolo bo ta hokotsega.


Thanks everybody for the varied comments on this very sensitive issue. I personally see a problem in a scenario as follows. If I as a parent having been raising my child, let’s say a daughter and being open about things and all. It will be a freezing day in hell, if one day this girl at 13-15yrs comes to me and say Daddy ‘do you have a packet of condoms, I feel like doing this boy or man after school or during break’ If that scenario comes up and I oblige, I would have failed as a parent. So all… Read more »

You guys are behind schedule, negativity is not the truth. Lets give out people with good decisive minds. depriving people access of something does not mean they can not access it or not doing it. We are fighting HIV/AIDS here not protecting somebody’s Religious reputation. People are dying guys if you keep on hiding the truth for the peole we are build bad luck. These kidds should know all the parameters envolved in maturity dont hide anything.

Give the Kidds the access to the condoms and not only that teach them even how to use them safely. Lets not impose things on people, and make the drill like robots, lets have people with free mind set, who can take care of themselves lets think in that direction. I will give my son condoms at that age and even teach him how to use it. also i will teach him to have one girlfriend and not only that to respect her and be honest to her at that age.


guys lets face reality here, we are living in the last days we need god to help us but he is not yet here to help us so lets help our selves, we can’t just let our youngsters die just because the bible says NO SEX before marriage, what we know right now is that those kids are highly involved in sex so lets give them protection for now until modimo o emisa petso e ya one ya segajaja wa utlwa @charlemagne. doing so doesn’t mean gore we are encouraging kids to have sex we will be protecting those who… Read more »


Continue with your sub intellectual and rebarbative comments and discover the path created by your semi-rhetoric.


You are without a shadow of a doubt a complete moron. How can you say God is not there when he is everywhere? Do you want him to just spontaneously show up and say :Hello there! This is God from heaven!
It doesn’t work like that! What your fingers have typed is tantamount to blasphemy! I pity thee.


@gee Mankind will never find a cure for AIDS. It, like other viruses and infections before it, will evolve over time into an even deadlier strain and there is nothing mankind can do about it. Why are you so oblivious to other STI’s? Have you not heard of Syphilis? What about Gonorrhea? Chlamydia? Did you not go to school? The trouble with this country is that it is infested by thick headed, sexually perverted school flops like you who think they have all the answers, who chose to shun God and his endless mercy, those who choose to sign contracts… Read more »

Chris M

Charlemagne, you can be as vicious to others as you are doing here but these people are not wrong! This is not a religious subject but a real life issue affecting the religious and those that aren’t! What these people are just simply saying is that, those that will not abstain should be protected or think protection first! Simple and realistic! Is that too much to ask? You say a lot of things here, some not factual at all such as no cure for some STI’s and wrongly say they easily circumvent the condom, but we are not tearing you… Read more »


@Chris M
These people ARE wrong and this IS a religious subject. We are talking about fornication.

”Simple and realistic” More like inept and catastrophic.

List of Venereal diseases which cannot be prevented by use of condom.
2.Syphilis (The Great Imitator)
5.Granuloma inguinale
6.Tinea curis
10.Molluscum contagiosum



VIRAL EVOLUTION Viral evolution is a subfield of evolutionary biology that is specifically concerned with the evolution of viruses. Many viruses, in particular RNA viruses, have short generation times and relatively high mutation rates (on the order of one point mutation or more per genome per round of replication for RNA viruses). This elevated mutation rate, when combined with natural selection, allows viruses to quickly adapt to changes in their host environment. Viral evolution is an important aspect of the epidemiology of viral diseases such as influenza (influenza virus), AIDS (HIV), and hepatitis (e.g. HCV). FACT: Mankind will never find… Read more »

Chris M

Charlemagne, each and everyone of those STIs is PREVENTED by condom! Taenia, herpes and hepatitis are also passed on by other ways such as close contact, kissing and contact with body fluids of infected person, but you are far more protected by use of condom than those who aren’t! Yes, absolute abstinence and the importance who knowing well the person you engage sexually with to make sure they can be trusted and share your values is the best way to prevent these, but condom is the next best protection for those who take risks! They should never ever think they… Read more »


@Chris M * ”Charlemagne, each and everyone of those STIs is PREVENTED by condom!” I suggest you properly do your research. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE NOT PREVENTABLE BY CONDOM. Don’t you know that HPV can be transmitted through epithelium tissue which are found on either side of the epidermis. Sexual fluids can spill on the skin during intercourse regardless of the condom. Granuloma travels through open sores. Don’t people touch each other during sex? Mono can be stopped by a condom? Do your research properly. Gonorrhea can go oral. Chlamydia can also go oral. Trichomoniasis lives IN the vagina… Read more »


a di zwakale we all know culture is dynamic nd dijo tse re di jang nowadays re kura kura fela ada dan bogolo golo we knw gore sex was for grown ups now go na le bo the bold bo passions so di are roteatsa rona bo rasbanyola re bata sex so a di zwakale dikhontomo tseo a kere dey a made to be used so if u dnt bring dem Lwe all knw our worst nitemare HIV/AIDS so dnt tink twice se ileng sa bo se ile e thasetse nopa