Recent media reports that there is vandalism of tombstones in Mmadinare became a topic of discussion in a combi from Phikwe to Tobane. Voice reporter Phillimon Mmeso was part of the passengers and captured the conversation which went as follows:

RED SHIRT:(laughing) Heee you know Mmadinare eish (clapping hands)

DREADLOCKED LADY: What is wrong with my village?

RED SHIRT: I hear people are stealing tombstones.  Mmadinare!

BALD MAN: Aah! Are you shocked, this is mad village we are talking about! Anything is possible.

DREADLOCKED: Hey you, what do you mean anything is possible? Is it not possible even in any village, don’t try to insult my village.

BALD MAN: Is it not the village that they said testicles were found at the kgotla?  Don’t be angry with me the whole country knows about these things.

DREADLOCKED: That was a lie and we hear strange stories about other villages but we never say anything so why can’t you leave ours alone

RED SHIRT: Maybe it’s because ours are not strange compared to yours (passengers laugh)

COMBI DRIVER: What happened to the tombstones? Some of our relatives are buried there people stop joking…. (interrupted by red shirt)

RED SHIRT: It’s not a joke, thieves have now camped at our graveyards stealing the tombstones.

DREADLOCKED: They are heartless and cruel how they can do this.   They are disturbing the spirit of our ancestors

BALD MAN: That is why we no longer have rain, it is because of these evil deeds.

COMBI DRIVER: I think the thieves are the very same people who make them. They steal to re-sell.

RED SHIRT: I respect those thieves, stealing tomstones! They are brave ijoo!

BALD MAN: You mean they are not afraid of the ghosts?  The ghost that was supposed to be dangerous has no testicles!  They are the ones which were seen at the kgotla!

DREADLOCKED: Sies! With your ugly face I suspect that you are the one stealing our tombstones! ( passengers laugh)

BALD MAN: You are bitter and the truth is hurting you my sister!

COMBI DRIVER:  Those tombstones belong to our parents and be careful of what you are saying old man

RED SHIRT: Owaii! But he is telling the truth, very soon something funny will come out of your village again.

COMBI DRIVER: The council must employ security guards to look after those graves or else we are going to endure the fury of our ancestors for neglecting them.

BLUE BERET: Who will want to look after the graveyard especially in Mmadinare?

DREADLOCKED: They can hire this bald man! He can even scare ghosts!

BALD MAN: Young lady I have a well paying off job and won’t work in graves.

RED SHIRT: Be careful my brother they will make you a zombie!

BALD MAN: Hey drop me at the next stop or else this lady will want to take my private parts!
(Passengers burst into laughter)

COMBI DRIVER: Jokes aside but this issue of stealing tombstones is serious my brother, I think when they arrest them they must hang them and question them later

BALD MAN: Yeah you’re right and the police must hunt those cold blooded thieves and torture them. Anyway, see you later
(he gets out of the combi and disappears into the village

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hang them and question them later….woooow…


ha ha ha dilo tsa mmadinare ijakga”hang them and question later”.


thats typical of madcity. dwellers there call it that!!!