Comrade ‘Bleachy' on becoming yellow bones
NOW: Chiwenga and wife as 'yellowbones'

Since he came into the limelight following the ouster of former president Robert Mugabe last November, vice president Constantino Chiwenga has literally become light in complexion.

Sounds petty right? Oh well, we need such kind of distractions from our struggles otherwise we would go insane.

The change in VP’s complexion; from dark to light skin has been a subject of many conversations for some time now with many speculating that he was bleaching his skin with the help of his young wife Mary (35) who has also become yellow bone especially on her face.

Being a former model and the country’s second lady as she calls herself, Mary seems hell bent on holding on to her youthfulness and beauty and would thus do anything to achieve that goal hence the speculation that she is one who actually introduced her 62- year -old grandpa bae to skin bleaching.

This week the vice president set the social media on fire when he reacted to talks that him and his wife were using skin lightening creams like the one on this ABB’s review of amaira skincare. Addressing mourners at his sister’s funeral on Tuesday, Chiwenga said contrary to talk that he was bleaching his skin, he was last year attacked by a disease that caused his skin to be lighter, adding that the same disease also attacked his wife.

The disease, according to him, knocked on their doors soon after Mugabe’s ouster.

His remarks immediately ignited sparks on social media with one Queen of Skies tweeting… “The illness attacked him in November and attacked his wife too but it seems their knuckles and her knees are resistant to the illness, lol.”

Comrade ‘Bleachy' on becoming yellow bones
THEN: The Chiwengas as ‘blackbones’

While his sympathizers were quick to say he was probably suffering from vitiligo (a skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment.

The patches of skin affected become white), some people were quick to dismiss that with one Thabisa Sibanda saying; … “vitiligo doesn’t suddenly cover the whole face like that. We would have first seen patches of light colour on his dark skin. And besides the disease is not contagious nor sexually transmitted and how it would attack the couple at the same time is just another story for another day.”

Another Twitter user mocked the former army boss saying he had embarked on operation restore complexion since operation restore legacy (the other name of the coup) was long over.

Others said the best that the vice president could have done was just not to comment about his ‘bleaching’ as his comments have actually shown that they are indeed bleaching their skins despite his claims of a disease.

But if indeed the VP is telling the truth, the universe would forgive some of us who are convinced that the ‘second couple’ is indeed bleaching and we expected them to know better that yellow bone, black bone or whatever bone colour, no bone is better than the other.

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Same thing that Michael Jackson used: glutathione injections and/or pills.