Completion date for the Platjan Bridge has been extended by three months, and is now expected to be complete by end of August this year.

Resident Engineer (RE), Gideon Msakwa told journalists yesterday during a visit to the site that the delay was caused by the late start after losing a total of five months.

“The project cost at the initial stage was P104 million, and as I’m talking to you right now, we are standing on P85 million,” said Msakwa adding this equates to the amount of work done to date.

He said so far the project is 85 percent complete and is confident they will meet the end of August deadline.

“We are done with the main work, what we are doing right now is what we call the approach roads on both the Botswana and South African side,” said Msakwa.

The project which is being facilitated by SPEDU, was initially expected to have been completed last month, but according to the RE, difficulties in sourcing of raw material contributed to the delay.

“We ended up sourcing most of our construction material on the South African side, literally we were grounded for five months, nonetheless, we have been able to catch up.”

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