Some ambitious music and dance promoters in Francistown looking forward to initiate and establish a Pantsula dance competition in the country.

Pantsula dance moves are popularly known to be followed by those in the cities and locations where deliquesces are common such as Peleng in Lobatse.

Despite the dance and music related to Pantsula jive is associated with criminality, the organizers are not bothered.

One of the organizers said the idea is to promote the music that proved to be difficult to destroy.

A walk past a bar or a beer hall will give an insight that the Pantsula dance will not disappear anytime soon, he said.

He added that the music does not fade that is why people are still clinging to the Matshikos and Danny Tshanda’s music in this day and age.

Registration is currently ongoing and the competition date is yet to be set for mapantsula to compete

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