Committed to capital control
POSITIVE: Lotty Manyapetsa

Although it seems the famously fiery Lotty Manyapetsa has toned down in recent times, the Botswana Democratic Party’s Regional Chairman for Gaborone is committed to reviving the party’s fortunes in the capital.

This week The Voice’s DANIEL CHIDA caught up with the man hoping to mastermind a BDP red-wash in Gaborone’s five constituencies.

Q. What are you working on?

We are rebuilding all the structures from the lower ones so that we can win all five constituencies and 30 wards in Gaborone.

Our structures have not been functional. BDP used to be strong in Gaborone before there were issues leading to 2014 general elections.

Q. What issues?

The killing of Gomolemo Motswaledi and workers strikes, all pointed fingers at the BDP.

Q. Why do you think that was?

UDC promised people Motswaledi’s report and took our money but up to now there is no report and they have gone quiet on the issue.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi is addressing workers issues and has been meeting with union leaders and rfp consulting Batswana while UDC does not have a policy.

Who voted Duma Boko or the UDC central committee, no one! Even their constitution has not been adopted, what they have is just a slogan and nothing concrete to offer.

What they are good at is spreading propaganda.

But Batswana now know the truth and the type of people they are; they will not be voting for them!

Q. What do you believe led to the formation of Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF)?

Former President Ian Khama wants to rule this country and BDP from the grave.

Since we couldn’t allow him to do that he got frustrated and formed his own party, whose vision is not to rule but remove BDP from government.

He is going to support opposition even though he does not know its mandate.

People should not be wasting time with Khama because everything is about him as an individual not the country.

There is talk of an ‘agreement’ he had with Masisi which we don’t know about.

But why should it be about him? Deal or no deal he must rise above that and realise that this country is not his but for all Batswana!

Q. Nevertheless, are you not concerned by the number of defections from your party to BPF?

We are worried by their defections but our hands are tied.

Most of them lost primary elections after being voted out by those who voted them in.

They now want to use Khama since he has money and Bogosi on his side, what we can do with such people?

Q. How has your region been affected?

Most of them are in the Central District and only one person in Gaborone, John Mazabathi Mokandla.

Mokandla failed to manage his life after BDP did its best by employing him as a driver before electing him as a specially elected councilor.

He has personal problems not the BDP and we only learnt of his defection through social media.

We wish him good luck, the same as Khama.

Q. Is Khama still a BDP member?

His behaviour does not show that because he violated the constitution.

He wants sympathy and thinks we will fire him so that he can go around tarnishing our name saying we have fired him.

I have hope that structures from Serowe will soon act.

As Gaborone region we are focused on winning all the constituencies and not the petty issues and propaganda.

We are going to start by hammering Boko because he has been absent at the constituency.

He was busy going around calling himself a President while the people in the constituency wanted a representative.

I wonder why he is still contesting after having been so absent!

Q. Why does your campaign seem relatively quiet this time?

We have not yet gone all out, erecting billboards around the city like we used to do because the focus has been more on the groundwork.

But soon we will be holding rallies and putting up posters all over.

Q. It is rumoured the reason for the delay is because the party is broke. Any truth to this?

We do have challenges just like any other organisation.

I welcome allegations doing rounds that we are broke because it shows the party is clean and has to hustle for its money just like any party.

We do go around asking for funds from donors and some turn us down but we are doing our best.

Q. You have been accused of getting favours from President Masisi over other deserving BDP members – care to comment?

When I left BCP people were saying I was going to suffer.

Since I didn’t, they changed tune and said I was bought.

The thing is I am a hard worker who proved his worth even to the President beyond reasonable doubt.

I am a democratic who will continue working hard.

You can see that I am not contesting for any position because I believe in all the parliamentary members we have.