PROUD TO BE GAY:Homosexual couples

Young Gays and Lesbian applaud call for legalization of homosexuality

Young closet homosexuals who have been quietly supporting the gay rights campaign have welcomed the recent call by former President Festus Mogae’s to legalize prostitution and homosexuality with excitement.

The young people interviewed by The Voice at a popular gay hangout spot in Gaborone, challenged ‘powerful and influential’ homosexuals to come out of the closet in order to lend some weight to their course.

Describing the Gaborone gay community as a ‘big connected family,’ Kenosi Mosie a 23- year- old lesbian said: “We are like a big family. The only problem is that some of the powerful gay people we know don’t want to come out of the closet and let the public know who they really are. And those are the people who could be helping the course.”

Gomolemo Leatile, a gay man from Mochudi and his partner,Kago Ngwapa (both 25) from Sefhare said that since president Mogae’s open support for the legalisation of homosexuality they have been feeling a bit more confident to express their affection for each other in public, without fear of vitimisation.

“Although we have not discussed it formerly, my  family knows that I am gay and that Ngwapa is  the  only  person I  bring home. But I have had to  change most of my friends  because when I came out to them recently they were not willing  to accept  my status,” he said.
Ngwapa on the other hand has formerly told his family that he is gay and even   introduced his partner to them officially.

“They accepted me and told me that they realized that I was was going  to be  someone different and special at a very young age and had waited for me to break the news to them all this time,”  he said.

Yet another 23-year- old young woman from Mahalapye who recently broke off a marriage engagement to a man to be with another woman said she was eagerly looking forward to legalisation of homosexuality so that she could marry the woman she loves.
“ If the legalisation does not happen soon, I’ll be prepared to cross over to SA to tie the knot,” she said.

Meanwhile Botswana Network on Ethics Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA)’ Director, Uyapo Ndadi  has said that they were in the process of registering   a civil court case against the government to force it to remove statutes which are  discriminating and undermining Gay and  Lesbian’s rights.
He said  that as BONELA they will  continue to  lobby  for gay rights and encouraged supporters and sympathizers to continue the campaign in peace.

“We are continuing with the public campaign to create awareness for  Batswana to be ready for homosexuals,” said Ndadi who went on to reveal that there were
many homosexuals in Botswana who were still in the closet, but with Britain stance not to offer finacial assistance to any country that does not support gay rights, he hopes that  the country will act swiftly to legalise homosexuality.

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I didnt believe this guy when he says the gays are malnourished and you can just see them.Look at those guys> very thin and i can see thier bony prominences. A child with marasmus and kwashiokor is better than these moving skeletons.I will never support this gay/lesibians things even in my dreams,our brothers and sisters are totally lost.Ba shinne meno mo lififing la timelo.They need dilevarence from this evil spirits which just sucks their blood.Anywere the devil has corrupted thier minds with evil thoughts and they will always think they are on the right track no metter what.But i remeber… Read more »


Sometimes i wonder if we are really a true christian country. A country that believes in the rule of law of God and how much we really respect and revere that God. In the begining God created the heaven and the earth followed by all those other wonderful events that He did. On the 6th day he created a human being: Adam, the man. Then he saw that Adam was not complete alone. He put him into a deep sleep and took out one of his ribs and created a woman. If God had created Adam as gay, God would… Read more »


Ke ipotsa gore batile go di bana jang? when are they having their own family kana ba tshaba supott? why did they decide to marry each other nna ke sena mosadi >MAGWIMBA<


If our government is going to allow this lazy kind of immoral situation,then we shud know gore ”WE ARE LOST NATION”How can we allow this to happen to us rele population e nnyenyane jaaka.Rre Mogae ere o di bolotsa le marole o bone di seka tsa tsamaela ruri ra tloga ra itshwara ditlhogo.


One of them broke from the marriage engagement. She is not telling the truth because she has had sex with that man. Ke makgakga fela


How r u going to face your families and tell them you are gays/lesbians? Is that going to be easy?

Well, nna ka re REFERENDUM re utlwe gore Batswana bone ba reng.

I remember gore Minister Ndelu Seretse once invited gays/lesbians to accompany him when visiting his constituency gore bone ka sebele ba ipolelele morafe maikaelelo a bone, if a remember correctly, go padile gore ba dire jalo, ba ganne go tsamaya le tona!


Uyapo o ntlhomola pelo nnaka, o godile o le ngwana yo o siameng, yo o maitseo, le maikarabelo. Sadly, tiro e o e berekang ga e a go ema sentle, am sure gore fa o le nosi o ipotsa o bo o ikaraba, mme fela o golegwa ke tiro. E sa ntse e tlaa go imela nnaka! Believe me, fela fa o fetsa kgang e, magodu le bone ba tlaa bo ba batla gore o ba emele, le bone ba batla recognition, because let’s be honest, bontsi jwa magodu ba teng ba ba tshelang ka tiro ya bone, and immediately… Read more »


Lefatshe la rona le setse le tlhakatlhakane yaanong baa gakatsa. Sengwe le sengwe se dule mo taolong bathong. Where are we hearding to?


I am sick of hearing ignorant people talk about something they don’t know so I am going to share my story here now. Firstly, I am a gay man, 30 years old and have spent YEARS researching and thinking about this issue. The first comment from a reader says that the gays are malnourished? I do weightlifting 5 days a week. I definitely do not look malnourished. You will probably see me walking on the street and see my muscles and think “That man must get lots of ladies”. People look at me and they never know that I’m gay.… Read more »


Final point, sexuality is NOT a CHOICE!!! None of us CHOOSE to be attracted to men or to women or to both men and women. It just happens. Get over it and focus on living your own life instead of meddling in another person’s personal life.


Contaminating society? It is not a disease that people catch. Do you worry you are going to ‘turn’ gay if you see two gay men embracing? Is your sexuality so fragile? People don’t catch ‘homosexuality’!!!

If your story about Adam is correct, was Adam black, asian or white??? If he was asian then that makes all the whites and blacks sons of the devil??? No, God made ALL of us to be different and none of us are devils. God made us diverse in every way imaginable, including sexuality.

Chris M

See! Gay people are more logical and rational than us, wicked straight people! We think we own the world or know everything! We think we have a right to be nasty in the name of political correctness. I’m straight but I say, tell and shame them markmotheo! They might learn to first love their neighbour and do to others what they wouldn’t mind done to them. Isn’t that in that same bible they pick and choose what suits them from? Homosexuality is as old as heterosexuality and it is not going anywhere, whether you persecute people or not! Learn to… Read more »


VIVA markmotheo. Like ChrisM is saying, your response is very logical and rational.
Maybe its time pple take a leaf from you that you can put your points across without being personal. If you dont agree with something, why cant one just put his/her reasons across without attacking the person. Those who always hide behind the bible do not always make sense. This aint about be religious.
By the way I am not gay, its just that I respect other pple way of life and long as it does not have any negative impact on mine


Homosexuals use many methods to deceive the gullible into tolerating homosexuality. devil is a liar and a deceiver. Homosexuality is a sin.Genesis18:22 ” The God who created humans and who knows whats best for them regards homosexuality as an ABOMINATION.Genesis18:20-33; 19:1-19″ God’s hatred fro homosexuality is evident by Him having destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah(and other seven cities)” Romans1:24-32″God regards homosexuality to be an indecent act. Notice that verse 32 states that those who practice homosexuality are worthy of death.1Cor6:9-10″ This passage clearly teaches that no effeminate or gay person can inherit the Kingdom of God.” God states that homosexuality is… Read more »


@ mark can u pliz tel us gore o ikutwa jaang fa fela fa o ipona o kgonamela monna yo mongwe a go ja matanyola?


@ DINTHOTSAKABOMO kana kgang e tona ke yone eo.


DINTHOTSAKABOMO… it is interesting u want to ask that question. Despotrio, i thin u are right when u say that part is the main issue for straight people trying to understand. I’m glad u mentioned it because many people are too afraid to ask. I already mentioned in my other message that being gay or lesbian is not about a physical sensation. It is more about feelings inside, which gender makes u feel excited and gives those feelings of affection. Let me ask you: How do you feel when you are having sex with someone you are very much attracted… Read more »


mark mark mark a fully grown man like you smart when giving your reason they is this saying”IF YOU GROW UP BEING ABUSED YOU CAN EITHER BECOME AN ABUSER OR BE SUBMISIVE”Um gonna say this you seem like a really great guy not great gay guy cause um straight however I have a belief that if YOU CAN FIND YOURSELF a very nice lady with the same great sense of humor as you you can make a great father there is something i always ask myself what happend to they young boy who grewup wanting to marry a wife like… Read more »


Thank you Friendlyghost. Let me just say though that I didn’t grow up abused and I have never abused anybody. I tried many years to find a lady and believed it was a case of mind and faith. But I would rather stay alone than to try that again. I broke the hearts of too many girls. I can’t make a girl my experiment or tool in order to please other people. Would you recommend your sister or daughter to marry me? I have a relationship with God and it is personal between me and him. Being gay is not… Read more »


FriendlyGhost, careful not to try and equate your drug addiction to being gay or lesbian okay. Those are two different things. One hurtful to the person using drugs and causing misery. The other, a state of being that has never killed anyone. Drug addiction has killed a few people right? Two different things. Christianity has nothing to do with your sexual orientation (straight or gay). It is a matter of Faith. Christianity can not turn someone straight from gay. Christianity has not saved millions of starving and dying people and you think it can change someone from straight to gay?… Read more »

Chris M

@ogee: Don’t ever call people with different view point gullible! By doing that you just show why some of us are wary of sick, self-righteous pretenders like you who think you know what God really thinks of everyone at all times! People like you and your leaders have done and still do terrible things in the church and still put up a face in front of unsuspecting followers, using the bible to justify your evil. The Jews tried to do the same to a prostitute in Jesus’ time as they were convinced she had to die but were publicly shamed.… Read more »

sethako se a thama

@markmotheo I am a thief and i also rape. The holy bible does not encourage these kind of things (including homosexual). But lenna i want theft and rape to be legalized. Of coz Jesus said we should love one another. but …remember in the Bible when God allowed Moses to kill all Men, Women and children.The scripture reads: “And we took all his cities at that time, killing the inhabitants of them, men and women and children. We left nothing of them”: Deuteronomy 1: 34. So why do u think God allowed such a thing to happen. IF YOU DON’T… Read more »


Chris M, what does God say about homosexuality?if you have read the holy bible with your spiritual senses you should know by now?God has given us the ten commandments through Moses, to obey. do you obey them?the same people who advocate for homosexuality are same people who do not acknowledge God’s commands.God is spirit and He can only judge spiritually.when the jews tried to stone that prostitute he rebuked because He knew they were not pure and they disobeyed His commands.yo o phepa mo go lona a a mo ngate ka letlapa, ba paletswe ka ba ne ba ikitse mekgwa… Read more »


@Markmotheo, You are trying really hard to solicit acceptance from normal people.By normal I mean men and women who are not trying to run away from their God given realities and responsibilty to love the opposite sex. Even if they do, it still does not make it right. It does not exonerate you from the fact that you are all going against God’s explicit command that mankind should multiply and fill the earth. How do you plan to impregnate your lover to produce offspring? Don’t tell me surrogacy, because through that you will be crossing over to use the opposite… Read more »


KGANG e e thata bt al i knw is that homosexuality is a sin.


@ChristM,the gullible i’m talking about the naive person out there, who the serpent continue to fool by his evil trick, remember satan did the same to Adam and Eve, they broke God’s commands that’s why they were thrown out of paradise.homosexuality is a sin. ke eng o buelela sebe jaana?Jesus gave us the greatest two commandments; Love God above all and your neighbor as loving God you obey His commandments and by loving your neighbor, le yone enemy ya gago, ga o kake wa mo utswela, wa mo rekisetsa bojalwa, motsoko, motokwane, wa mo tseela monna/mosadi, ga o mo… Read more »


@ sethako se a thama, the examples that you gave tsa rape and being a thief are poor. These two examples hurts the next person, whilst homosexuality does not hurt any of the two people involved. I still maintain that arguing this from the christianity or any religion point of view is not convincing. Not all of us are christians. One thing, alcohol drinking is considered a sin in the bible, but it is not illegal in Bots. However it is illegal in most muslim countries, then why are we not advocating for it to be illegal as its against… Read more »


@Tutu I agree with you 100%. People can justify all the wrongs of the world all they want, they will not make them right. A sin is a sin. I have listened to the arguements of our western brothers, trying to make what they are doing in Iraq seemless harsh,calling civilian deaths caused by their bombs colateral damage. They are still senseless and wrong.A man mounting another man in the name of love making is wrong anyhow you look at it. It is improper and should be condemned. I don’t understand why the homosexuals can’t see that they have awkward… Read more »


Tutu eo kgang ya gore you are not a christian e tla go dia. God created a man. a man meaning us!The ten commandments He gave are for all living on planet “earth”.Ten commandments are suitable for all human character types and they can be easily observed by everyone who is willing. check out books of New on one of comments i sent, paper still withholding.God has returned again to this earth, as He promised when He walked on earth as Jesus Christ, and He has given us the New Bible as the anchor of verse says”THE NEW… Read more »


God created ADAM and EVE,not Adam and Steve….


@ Markmtheo and other homos

Keng ga le je marago a banyana bogolo??


The Western countries should be blamed for propagating this homo thing. They are literally forcing it on poor countries through threats of cutting foreign AID. Also they use people who are eager to get “medals” like bo Uyapo to spread this uncouth practice. Maybe also African govts should stop sending students to the West bcoz most of them learn such practices from there & other evils like drugs.


@Pierre Tell them, and at the same time warn them that this homo thing is not without dangers for excitable novices like our kids here. They think it’s just fashion to open their mouth and say they are born gay. I just experienced an incident where a group of western (homo) men followed a motswana man home from the pub where he had been sending them signals that he was gay. They had buying him drinks and showing him a good time. On the way home they sodomized him, beat him up and took all his money.So these boys better… Read more »


Our Creator revealed all those things to John.all the wicked things happening on this era were predicted on Revelation to John. remember He appeared to John as an angel.Armageddon and Babylon ke mewa e e maswe e e apesitseng lefatshe bagaetsho. listen to this from the new bible; “This “Armageddon”, the deepest point of human blindness and wickedness,cannot be avoided on account of “the great whore”, “with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the wine of whose fornication the dwellers of Earth have become drunk”. tota Modimo o batla re dira gorata ga gagwe, re… Read more »


@ Tubeless

I agree with you. These people need help like counselling and prayers, BUT not legalising their homo thing. The danger of legalising such a thing is that after a few months, they will start asking for recognition of their “marriage” and all the benefits that go with a normal heterosexual marriage. Even demanding things like adoption of kids. For a small population like Bots, one wonders what will happen when men starting “planting thier seeds on bare rock”. The population will further drop!!


BONELA argues that they want to allow distribution of condoms in prisons as a way of curbing the spread of AIDS. I disagree with this. What do you guys think of govt allowing wives or girl/boy friends visiting thier spouses in prison at least once a month as practised in other countries?? Isn’t this a better alternative? It would also reduce on indefility on the part of persons whose partners are in prisons and curb the spread of AIDS in prisons.


If you read the book of Moses Deuteronomy o ka bona gore modimo o re beile size 10 mo melaleng and no man is better than the other becos of it but these people are human just like everybody else so lets not be too hard on them,i think most if not all of us have a gay/lesbian relation somewhere but we dont treat them with this much contempt.Nna ke gore ke ipotsa gore nna kafa o fitlhelang ke bona the opposite sex e le so appealing what is going on in the heads.

freaky freelady

@PIERE,you such an ignorant twat,homosexuality can not be changed,a gay person s gay and there is nothing he/she or anyone else(including prayers) can do about [email protected] you are a horible,hate filled,void of a gona burn in HELL

Chris M

@ogee: I understand your argument but it’s only valid when premised on the assumption that homosexuality is a pretence or just a fad picked up at some point in life. You are failing to listen to these people telling you that just like you born straight, tall, short, boy or girl that you did not choose, they were born like this, did not choose to be like this. You are persecuting them for something they have no control over and asking them to live a life of self-denial to please those around them. Imagine you being asked to live a… Read more »


@Freakyfreelady The truth hurts doen’t it? Your only comment in this issue and you are already hurling insults? Now who is full of hate and on the way to hell? Not me.I repeat: as sure as there is hell for people like you, homosexuality is a sin. You can hate me and fill this web site with profanity all you like, that will not change my mind and the fact that a man mounting another man thinking he is makign love, is twisted and disgusting. If you are doing such a thing, know that a large majority of our christian… Read more »


Actually Leviticus is better,specifically chapter 20 verse 13.Lets not refer to the bible cos honestly some of the laws there would be no one standing.


Kgan e e bkete bagolodnt thk bagolo ko magaeng ba ka e dumela,aniway ke bana ba rona,re tla reng bt i dnt thk its gud,e a mpalela to accept dis gay/lesbian things


@freaklady My brother or sister homosexuality is not natural, thus it can be changed or “healed” to be frank. Saying that it is natural is merely pretending that sexual perversion is genetically determined, which is not the case. It is something influenced by the social environment, drugs and of course western influences. Thus it can be corrected by psychological conselling, prayers and /or pyschaitric therapy!! The trouble with us Black people is that whenever we see what a white man does, we want to copy that – whether that is gud or not. That is why most of the defenders… Read more »

this is a disgrace to the country,gao bona pula e gana gona jaana ke tsone dilo tse.mogae fa ele gore o sharp ka madi a bots o sutele ba bangwe rather than supporting such nasty things.please turn to your GOD for him to heal this land,o rile when my pple,who r called by my name come to me turning from their bad life and call unto me are il here them from above and heal their land il be their god nd they wil b my pple.lets turn away from our bad deads nd go to God for botswana to… Read more »


@ChrisM…only God who created the entire universe can give us pure and perfect answers, not a scientist and not a you know that inhabitants of Saturn,Jupiter, Sun, are beautiful, far much perfect than us?only because they obey God’s commandments and they’ve always been like that since their creation.All human beings that now live on Saturn originate from one human couple;this applies to all planets just as it applies to earth.”remember what happened to Adam and Eve’s fruit after they broke God’s commands.their first child Cain(Bringer of Death)was the result of not being obedient to God’s matter how we… Read more »


@ChrisM…one verse from the new bible says:”All mankind will suffer from an unblessed bare sensual life, and draw upon itself, even more so than heretofor, the consequences of wantonness, lustfulness, rape and the like; for copulating without lifting your eyes to ME, the forever PERFECT, means reaching your hand not to ME but to My Counterpole and her hell, which is – as you can see – already little short of being the full master of your world!” I am failing to listen to them, because devil is a liar, nna ke Eve yo o tlhabologileng. ba kae bo-Adam ba… Read more »


@pierre I am with you on the facts you clarified. Traits that are scientifically proven to be genetically predetermined are well known, like height,skin colour and gender. In fact when a woman goes to the hospital to deliver a baby, she is anxious to see whether it will come out a boy or a girl. You don’t hear the midwife shouting, “it’s gay or hetero”. Anything after that is influenced by the environment and where gayness is concerned, mostly western influence. Like most people, I beg to differ that being gay is irreversible. In my opinion anyone who claims to… Read more »


nna ga ke na prblm le kgang e ebile ke na le ditsala tsa di gay mme nna m straight.fa e le ka boleo bo dirwa ke mongwe le mongwe period.le a loa,reipa,utswa the list is endless le go bitsa le re eng ke sebe.


@Izzy I have been waiting for someone to use that analogy about this issue. Ke raya a tshwantshanya boGay le dilo tse o di buileng. Mme kana baloi ha ba ise nke ba ise goromente ko court ba re molaomotheo o hetolwe gore o ba sireletse. Magodu ga ba ise ba leke go lwela ditshwanelo tsa bone kana ba re ba amogelwe hela jaaka dibeteledi le tsone di ka se ke di ye ko molaong di re ba serelediwe gore ha ba reipile motho a na le malwetse a dikobo ba duelwe. Mme mehuta e ya batho, le bone ke… Read more »


@izzy ke rata go correcta kgang ya gago ya gore mongwe le mongwe o dira boleo. that is not true, ke maaka go bua selo o sena bosupi ka sone, out billions of inhabitants of earth go nale ba ba shimang boleo. ba dira gorata ga Modimo, ba tshegeditse ditaolo tsa Modimo, ba dira tshiamo. Modimo ke ene a re bopileng ebile ke mongwe wa bao ba ba dirang gorata ga gagwe. I live for Him alone because He’s the giver of all blessings, gifts and ETERNAL LIFE.satane le matimone a gagwe o go isa ko losong, o go dirisa… Read more »