Pretoria sign

As you all know by now that we are in Pretoria, South Africa. We are currently at the high performance centre. This venue is such a good place with everything in it. The training grounds and all the gym machines are there. The instructors also know what they are doing. The only thing is it is very cold and nobody likes to wake up in such cold. We are however like soldiers and need to be up whenever we are expected to.

Malaisa likes Sleeping
While we all enjoy our sleep there are a couple of guys who really can’t do without sleeping. There is this boy from BDF X1, Kabo Rasuping he is popularly known as ‘Malaisa’. The boy is still a kid you know; he never gets tired of sleeping. Even when he is at a morning session he just looks sleepy. He will run almost with half closed eyes.

Plenty grounds
We are using very good training grounds here and we really like them, training goes smoothly daily. There are quite a number of grounds here which makes this place far much better than at home. No time to overdo things because the ground is bumpy. You can do all football aspects. We use all the machines in the gym and surely we will be a bit strong by the time we leave here.


Morale high
Morale is very high in camp as usual. The boys like to breathe the fresh air and are really enjoying it. Most people we meet here are very happy for us that we have already qualified even ahead of their own Bafana Bafana. We’re showered with praises. As usual Twizer Ramohibidu proves to be the strongest of us all. He is a real hunk; he hardly gets tired no matter what you are doing. Surely he can compete in the world’s strongest men category. When it comes to running I know Ndiyapo Letsholathebe will always be behind the whole group.

Friendlies lined-up
We have been told there are a number of friendly games lined-up. They will not be so tough because it will be against some South African teams here. We are to also play Super sport which means we will play against our very own Diphetogo Selolwane and Mogogi Gabonamong. We won’t be going hard on them because we need them for the coming Zebras game. We don’t miss the bumpy grounds at home but as they say ‘there’s no better place than home’. Our loved ones and families are there and personally I miss my fiancée and son already.

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