SAVIOR: Goitseone and his combi

Mother gives birth in back seat

A combi driver was this week hailed a hero by workmates after he saved the life of a young woman who gave birth in his combi.

What started as an uneventful Sunday morning for Chadibe based Goitseone  Othusitse, 30,who operates on the 25 kilometre route from the village to Francistown, turned into a day of high drama when the passenger went into labour  soon after boarding his vehicle.

Speaking from the Francistown bus rank about the weekend incident Goitseone explained: “Everything happened so quickly.  It was around 8am and my combi was loaded with passengers when someone called out that a passenger was having serious labour pains. At first I couldn’t believe my ears, but when people started shouting, I stopped. When I turned around I was amazed to see that the young lady in question was in the process of giving birth, and the baby was already coming out.”

Continuing the story to the group of fellow drivers that had now gathered around him, Goitseone added: “The woman was screaming and gnashing her teeth in pain, but to my surprise all the passengers that included several females, had got out. Those that had not run away were just staring helplessly.”

While still trying to work out what to do, the remaining passengers boarded another combi, leaving Goitseone alone with the problem.

“The crew of the other combi were more concerned about picking up my passengers than helping, and when they sped away I must admit my instinct was also to get the hell out of there, but I realised that if I did not help, the woman might end up bleeding to death.

“By this time the baby was completely out and crying, lying between the mother’s legs, and still attached to the umbilical cord .There was blood all over the seat, and I was afraid that if I drove with her in that condition, she might fall and the movement wrench mother and baby apart.

“I managed to get the cell number of her sister in the village, and told her to come to where the combi was parked. In the meantime I flagged down a passing motorist, and rushed to Borolong clinic to seek help.”

At the clinic they located the nurse in charge, but received another shock when she said that she could not help as the clinic was closed for the weekend. “She told me that no-one was on duty, and there was no available ambulance.  I pleaded with her but she told me to take the woman to Francistown since there was no help she could offer,” he said.

Without wasting time, the father of two returned to the woman in the combi and called Nyangabwe where he was regrettably told that ambulances at the Referral Hospital were not meant for patients living out of town. “Luckily when I arrived at the scene the woman’s sister joined us, and together with another villager we drove into town to the clinic in Area W. There the mum and baby boy were assisted and later transferred to Nyangabwe for further medical attention.”

The story told a ripple of applause breaks out from the ranks of the assembled audience. Fellow combi drivers and friends now call him and his vehicle all sorts of names – doctor, midwife, ambulance driver and some refer to Goitseone’s combi as a maternity ward.

“They are calling me a hero and saying the baby should be named after me, but the truth is I was terrified, and am still shocked by the whole incident, as much by what happened as by the lack of support for a fellow human in distress. Perhaps I would have done the same if I could have run away, but now if I have helped to save a life, then it is something I am proud to have done.”

Back in Chadibe where the mother and new born baby are now in confinement, Unami Mujara, the woman’s mother, praised the Good Samaritan for helping her daughter and grandson.

“I can’t thank this boy enough. I wish him all the good things in life. I know God is going to reward him one day for serving my child and grandchild. We offered to pay him, but he said it was enough with a thank you,” Mujara said.

GOING NOWHERE: An ambulance outside the Borolong clinic

Staff nurse-in charge of the Borolong Clinic, identified as Emang, said the facility was not meant for delivery.

“People are aware that Borolong does not have any maternity ward and a mid-wife, so there is no need for them to come to us. Moreover I personally am not a trained mid-wife. They told me the woman had given birth, so there was nothing I could do,” Emang said, accusing the combi driver who claimed she refused to help of lying.

“I did follow them, but when I arrived at the scene there was no sign of the combi or patient,” she claimed, before going on to criticise the woman.  “I don’t understand why she stayed home until late while she knew that she was about to give birth,” said the nurse fuming with rage.

She added that she refereed the two men to Area W where she knew that the woman would get professional help.

Meanwhile Principal Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Health, Themba Sibanda said it was unethical for officers to refuse to assist patients simply because they were off duty.  He promised that the incident would be investigated and proper action taken. He said health services operate 24hours and that nurses work on shifts to avoid people finding themselves left in the lurch.

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Emang i think first u failed ur self as a practioner because even if u are not a midwife, this was a case of post natal care u should @ least gone to scene immediately because there are basic things to be done to make sure someone stays alive. just airway, breathing ,and circulation for both mother and child was very important then. part of ur training involved child and maternal care but if u are not prepared to use those skills therefore nursing should be the last job for u to do. and u have the nerve to say… Read more »


and thank u mr combi man. my advice to every one who is in transport bussiness pls get ur selves to do basic life support or firt aid and dont forget to carry firtaid kits especially gloves because u never know what comes ur way… just a word of advice


goromente o tshwanetse a isa rre yoo wa terebere ya combi gonna widwife ……………………………………………. and this clearly shows that even us hu a said to be not educated we can du somthing that can be done by a specialist doctor and y are we nt treated the same…


u hv gud heart mi man


I agree with u MEMO….Because this was post natal care…..aniwa lets thank God for the good samatarian.and that the woman did nt got in to a shock.Mr Combi man u are blessd and successful….Remember successful people are simply problem solvers…..


sumtimes i just wonder why people are behaving like this towards these kind of issues i guess she is not the first nurse to act this have to think before u act what if it was my sister my daughter somewhere in this earth facing the same situation and people near her just ignore and provide no help


any we sumtimes blame people not knowing how heartles they are maybe thats the way she told herself to run her life having no mercy,feeling pity for other,just a selfish and cruel lady who does not have any child who has never felt that pain in her the word of god says we shuld love others the way we love ourselves go sego letsogo le le abang go na le le le amogelang.god wil give u all that you ask for mr goitse he wil bless evry thing u touch ,whereever u go watever u do holy he wil… Read more »


2016 caringand loving nation my foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


those nurses baba ganan gothusa batho,they should b kicked out,ba useless.every news paper kebone,gona le batho baba ka berekan tiro e botoka,a tona e akanye bolaela batho bana moo mare gaba gagamaletswe molao wats that.imagine if those pple bane bare latlhegetse motho mme ale teng


my brother,tswelela o dira fela jalo God wii reward you for the good thing you are ba go bitsang ka maina o tswe hela mo go bone and be proud of the good things you do ga ba ithaloganye,ka go reng ba tshwanetse go go bitsa ka maina ka gore o thusitse jo mongwe.mme nnese we are not trying to judge you re a go gakolola next time its gore botshelo jwa motho bo ta pele ga sengwe le sengwe gore a o theogetse kana jang,o ipeee mo seemong gore ga e ne e le wena motho a bo… Read more »


Hey bathong! Babereki ba botsogo tlheng please rescue the situation then complain later to the bosses who said le chaise. Waitse re tloo swa ka bontsi mo lefatsheng le.


la pala waitse bo nnese malatsing a, how cud u reason ka off duty when r supposed to save pple’s lives. Whats the vision of ur profession, he mma, sekolo o se tsene kae. Ipotse fela gore what if it was u, or ur relative. nonsense!


here we go again first it was the nurse who was watering her plants now here comes another one well I gree @mmahei 2016 a loving and caring nation my bu** what kind of people are the nurses becoming and le senya ba bangwe maina honest lets change the way we act towards human life and respect and think about the innocent young lives of the children………………..

Albert Mosala

tanki rra,mosadi yo ke wame,ncheka o tle go tsaya reward.o monna tota.

Albert Mosala

Ga ba bayo ba ba tshwanang le wena,including le bone ba ba ipitsang bakeresete.shame to those ladies ba ba neng ba sia from the scene instead of helping.basadi ….


Majority of Botswana nurses are not compassionate, there is an emerging trend where they neglect patients who are in dire need to be assisted. I’m gatvol nurses, ka dilwana tse ditshweu!!!!!!!!!!


Naare lona le bala which story? This guy is not a hero and u r praising him for nothing. he ddnt even touch tht woman. we wanted to run away but decided not to leave his combi. he ddnt deliver the baby. the woman delivered in his combi. the voice just wanted to sell the paper


Though i concur that the nurse should have assisted in some way,i think we are just blaming the wrong could it be that there are no nurses on duty during the weekends to attend to patiends?do people not fall sick during the weekend?,and how could a clinic not have any midwives?..because surely in that village,there are ladies who are bound to have children..this is system failure to me,definatly not the fault of the nurse in question..if people are overworked,and forced to carry out tasks for which they are not equiped,we are surely going to lose more lives due to… Read more »


What happend to: As I enter the nursing profession I pledge to: use all the knowledge, skills, and understanding that I possess when providing professional nursing care deliver nursing care non-judgmentally and to all those who require it, to the best of my ability refrain from any action which might be harmful to the quality of life or health of those I care for. treat each client with respect. hold in professional confidence all the personal information entrusted to me. keep my professional knowledge and skills at the highest level. give my support and cooperation to all members of the… Read more »


wena spinach wareng bottom line is running to the nurses and calling the ambulance and the sister wa gagwe is better than what others did he admitted that he didnt know what to do but he did all he could he is not a nurse remember that but today the mothre and child are safe because of him so why buy the VOICE if e go bora the little you do for someone in life matters ost than doing nothing the way you speak ka bo o siile pele I think to me he is a hero they say for… Read more »


big up to u bro!!!!!!!!!u r so brave n u r god sent.we nid more ppl lyk u


wow! indeed ur a gud guy, am proud of u dawg! kip t up hey, t will take u places


wena spinach o nna o bua letlakala hela,gone mmeng leina la gago le raya eng.di ka tswa dise mmogo,motho yoo mosamarea


yess smanzana,,,spinach o bua matlakala waitse,,,thanks mr combi shame 2 ladies,goromente a bone gore o dira jang ka nurse who failed 2 help,,


kante ke phoso to say the driver did not deliver the baby? the woman delivered in his combi


Like I said do not comment if youcan read or o tla e thugisa lekgotla um with the guys you sound like those people spinach who praise people who do things that are unspeakable and those who deserve credit you demolish you talk as if you were there you part of the corwards who ran away let the guy have his momentum and stop being fussy about it he did a good humanly thing no one did and he shall be praised for that no offence joh but read the story again and if you are really literate you will… Read more »


@spinach open your mind the man saved da lyf of the baby dats the topic denotes nfethu


kare le dihema tota di setse di tshamekela mo go spinach


i dnt thnk we shud praise any1 coz 1st its unhygienic to give birth in a combie and thats y sumtyms fa re fologa mo dicombie re bo ikutlwa re lapile. PLIZ basadi tlogelang go re tsenya malwetse.

niga jah

Ga o bue sepe waitse Simmons go na le mo go tweng emergency by da way big up to u mr combie driver u r a lyf saver!


Waz up niga jah, o setse o le ngwana nd mayb u dnt knw dat batsetse ga ba tshwanela go dirisa dilo tse re di dirisang.


This combi guy is the one who should benefit from Disaster Relief fund. Delivering a baby and having your seats soiled like that is a disaster on its own. Our nurses these days are just like our modern maids. The maid sometimes does such a bad job that one day when she finds the madam cleaning and cooking she gets a shock of her life. Here the nurse refered a post natal case with a layman who actually does better caring than her. That must make her guts twist in shame. I don’t buy the story that there was nothing… Read more »

Tumisang Balapile

ko o re ha e le spinach ene a ren, rre o sved both the mother and the child’s lifes, ha nkabo a siile jst lyk others ba dirile gongwe o ka the mother a lositse madi a mantsi e be go mo tsenya mo diphatsen gothe le ngwana. Ha nkabo e le bo terebara ba bangwe, o ka bo ba le concernd ka gore combi ya bone e tatswa leswe e seng gore batho ba ntse jang jst like him. He z rily a hero n kip dat heart man.

modisa lovy

Ur help is really commendable sir sure,if Botswana will have such a kind then I’l bet a million wel achive vision 2016 positively…Ian shud do somthing 2 the so called nurse hu refused her role…wat kindah service z dat,r thr no pregnant ladies around dat place hu r bout 2 give birth???i wonder y twas closed,,,besides,,,di mid-wives shud b present…

pretty woman

thanx goitse for botho ba gago,o monna yo o nang le pelo,ha ene ele motho o sele o ka bo a siile kana ha mosadi a tshola o a tshosa sumtyms we women wish banna ba ka bona gore ba lese go re thodisa thata.i have 1 child by the way .as a woman i feel you did gud god will bless u.




u are a real man with a real heart, keep that up mi brother as your days are now extended.u av saved a life and give a life

honey beez



spinach must be the father um telling you popeye

Mmagwe Bobo

thefriendlyghost ntsalaka ga ke dumele gore spinach o a tshola. Ke terase

Go tla siama

go tla siama SPINACH nako nngwe o tla nna normal n wil reason like human being ho have all senses neh, ina lebe….just looking at your name shows gore u arent a human being but a vegetable so ga o itire o dirwa ke boleng jwa gago… BIG UP 2 MR GOITSE O KA TSWA O SA TSHWARA MME YOLE E BILE LE GO MOLEBA LEFA O NE O SA MO LEBA GO NE GO TLAA BO GO NTSE GO SUPA RESPECT MOTHO WA MOSADI O A TOTWA THATA LE GONE JUST IMAGEN A TSHOLA IS A HORA SCEN WHCH… Read more »


@spinach nd simmons, le ncheke ke tle go le alafe, ke kgona malwetsi otlhe, le bomatla tota, u guys le a ntena waitse and u ar really embarassing urslves, dilo tse..shame!!!


So its true de r gud men out der……God bless u man….

easy tingz

o lekile monna ga go tshwane. u’ve don sumthn once in a lifetime, its ur history….Viva man Viva!!!!!!!!!!


god bless u goitse