OVERLY PACKED: Rollers fans at the coca-cola final match

The case in which some people are suspected of duplicating tickets for last season’s Coca Cola final match between Township Rollers and Mochudi Centre Chiefs is ready to go to court.
Central Police Station Station Commander Kevin Mookodi told Voice Sport that they are done with their investigations.
“The case is ready to go to court,” Mookodi revealed.
However the Station Commander could not say exactly when he expects the case to reach the court of law.
“It is a process because we still have to register the case with Department for Public Prosecutions (DPP), but we are ready,” he said.
When contacted for comment, Botswana Football Association Acting Chief Executive Officer Susan Monametsi was cagey with information.
She however confirmed that investigations were ongoing.
“At this moment all I can say is that investigations are ongoing and we will soon bring the case to an end,” she told Voice Sport.
However it is still not clear as to who is involved in this scandal that saw thousands of spectators crammed in the small UB stadium. The stadium was so packed that some spectators had to sit on the floor while others blocked passage ways.
This was despite the fact that a limited number of tickets were issued bearing in mind the seats available at the stadium
Suspicions are that either some administrators printed more tickets for themselves or they did not give the right number of tickets to clubs.
Kgalagadi Breweries Limited Marketing Director Thapelo Letsholo did not want to be drawn into the issue referring all questions to BFA.
“That is purely a football matter. As the sponsors of the Coke tournament we do not deal with football, anything concerning football is handled by the BFA,” he said.

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mo go rona ball ke intertainment not business lyk in other countries so thats wy re y high court for our disputes

gatwe jealous ke ya eng?ke eng le ne le sa ntse picture ya magosi?AO BATHONG!


Marolles ke bone di diplicant tickets ba boneng.


build us a big stadium to avoid this silly cases


owai..why am i not suprised. Distadium tsa 2010 di ne di le kae? that is why our football is poor is becuase of poor admin. Duolicate tickets stop lying to us and tell the truth…

le 14 la santos

Everyone wants 2 be rich like lona ba le ko bfa coz we know that le lona le aja so why le ka bua ka di ticket tsa coke le sa bue ka tsa zebras tse le di jeleng.anyway we are used 2 that coz le lemoga batho ba bangwe lona le sa ipone.BUILD STADIUMS AND LEAVE DITLONTLOKWANE.,LE DISHEKO.


@ qamaqhowa,2 u and ur pals soccer is no longer entertainment its pure BUSINESS…supposing u don no its expensive 2 run a team.magodi ao a tshwarwe ba ny#@#^%L


ba ba buang bao botlhe ke magodu. magodu a supporter ba bangwe. ba tshwana le ba party nngwe.


agang distadium le tlogele go isiwa court gape le tlogele go ikhumisa ka bolo ya Botswana