Coffin curse
Coffin curse

Bloody doll in coffin shocks Modipane village

A bloody doll which was locked inside a toddler’s coffin and abandoned in front of a home left the small village of Modipane in the Kgatleng district reeling with shock on Wednesday morning.

The weird discovery at the Matshware’s gate was so disturbing that the Police had to be involved.

“Around 05:22 in the morning I went to check the car in preparation to go to work. I then noticed a white object at the gate. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was a small coffin, toddler size. I was shocked and went back into the house to tell others,” explained Lazarus Matshware, 47.

Lazarus, a school teacher, said he then alerted the police.

“Modipane police officer promptly arrived at the scene, but could not open the coffin in fear of what may come out of it. They were equally in shock. They had to call other officers from Tlokweng Police station who would film and capture every detail,” Lazarus further stated.

He said when the other officers finally arrived around noon, the coffin was opened and inside, a doll wrapped in black cloth was laid inside in a pool of stale blood.

Coffin curse
Shocked: Matshware

“It was creepy and smelly. I was shocked. The doll was laid like a dead person and wrapped in black!” Lazarus further stated.

Lazarus’ s 68- year -old mother, Evah Matshware, who also witness the bizarre incident suspects it was an act of witchcraft targeted at her son’s upcoming wedding.

“These are trials that come with life. I am not moved. We are going to celebrate his (Lazarus) wedding. No enemy will deter us,” said Evah, adding that, some people had suggested that the family call prophets to exorcise the death spell but she has told them that her church, Dutch reformed, does not have prophets.

“In life all we need to do in times such as these is to pray,” she said.

Matshware further noted that for the past eight years she has been a target of witchcraft.

“My legs have been painful and swelling without medical explanation. I have surrendered everything before God and the fact that the coffin laid facing east is evident that whoever wanted to enter our yard with it failed and abandoned the mission. There is no weapon greater than prayer,” she said.

Coffin curse
NARRATING: Matshware

The coffin is currently in Police custody, but they do not know what to do with it.

Tlokweng Police Station Commander, Robson Maleka said the police do not know what to investigate at the moment and they have not yet decided what to do with the doll and the coffin.

“As it is we do not know what to investigate, we do not even know the source of the blood. We do not know whether it is a case of witchcraft or something else. At the moment we are keeping the coffin but we may end up discarding it,” explained Maleka.

Although a quick search on ‘bloody doll in coffin” on the internet supports Matshware’s theory by stating that it is a way of casting a strong voodoo spell to bring back an ex-lover and send a death threat to their current spouse, the village chief, Kgosi Fanuel Gobusamang Mokalake who was called to the scene said his village had never before witnessed anything like it.

In fact he was thinking of calling a meeting with other tribal administrators to decide on a way to cleanse the village of the “bad omen”.

“Our duty as tribal leaders is to preserve our culture and tradition. In our tradition, there are things called bad omens (Dibeela) and what we just witnessed looks more like one. It is my responsibility therefore, to call other tribal leaders to decide on what to do because if we don’t take action, calamities may befall us,” Kgosi Mokalake stated.

He suspects that the clouds, which are often gathering but failing to produce rain could be a sign that things are not well in Modipane.

“If we fold our arms and look the other way, the dry spells may continue. Instead of rainfall we would continue having dust storms!” said the disturbed chief Mokalake expressing his concern. Meanwhile Lazaurus, the groom-to- be did not wish to comment on his mother’s suspecions.

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