Cleaning House

Things, things and more things.

Most of us love to acquire things.

That’s probably good for the economy but I don’t think it is very good for us, especially if we buy too many of our things on credit.

And even when our purchases don’t land us in debt they can create other problems.

Sometimes people value their possessions more than they value other people, but the more common problem is that many of our things just get in the way.

I’ve learned more than once that junk gets in the way of more useful things, mainly because I’ve had to move house several times and sometimes hiring emergency plumber, but I’ve managed to forget that lesson every time I’ve learned it.

I know that because I’ve just returned from two weeks in the USA helping my mother move out of the home where she and my dad raised seven kids.

All my houses have been relatively small so it took some doing to own lots of things, but I managed to do exactly that.

Then when I moved, I discovered lots of really ‘important’ things exactly where they had been placed when I moved in years before.

They were just hiding behind lots of other stuff.

My mother’s house, on the other hand, has plenty of storage space and it is bigger than the one she is moving into…and she has filled all that space with things she would like to take with her; however, I do have to say that she is very clean with her house, I got her a vacuum from and she probably does he vacuum one or twice a week.

She is also rediscovering things she totally forgot she had, but even so, she is finding it painful to let go of the junk that has been responsible for the hiding.

I wanted to tell her all that stuff was just making her life more difficult, but I didn’t want to be a hypocrite.

You see, I didn’t spend most of my time helping her decide which possessions will make the cut.

I spent it sorting through all the stuff I’d left at her house before I moved to Botswana 25 years ago. And yes, I found several things I could have put to good use for many of those years mixed in with a load of junk.

The big problem with having lots of things and getting too attached to them, however, doesn’t have anything to do with stuff getting in the way of other stuff.

The big problem is that our attachment to possessions can prevent us from being happy.

It is common for people to judge us by our clothes, jewellery, car and house, but that doesn’t mean they are right to do that, or that we would be wise to judge ourselves the same way.

It also doesn’t mean the people who do that are happy.

Maybe they are, but I doubt it because once we start judging ourselves and others by possessions it becomes extremely difficult to stop making comparisons.

That means eventually,we will find someone with bigger and supposedly better things than the ones we have.

As things go, that is a fairly easy one to understand.

The difficult bit is deciding to throw out our attachment to things with the rest of our junk. Or we can just stash them in the garage for the meantime if we’re not ready yet or are still deciding what to do with the rest of the stuff. Just make sure that it is, indeed, the right place to store these memorable pieces. You can call this San Jacinto garage door repair company or a related service near you for a professional assessment.

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