Gaborone West-North MP Robert Masitara recently told Limkokwing University of Creative Technology graduates that Botswana expects a lot from them and urged them not to disappoint.
Speaking at the institution’s Class of 2010 graduation ceremony Masitara said: “Batswana have invested heavily in your education and have the right to expect a lot from you. I encourage you to go all out to prove your worth and contribute to the well being of the country”.
Challenging the graduates to fly high and use their innovative and entrepreneurship skills to help transform the economy and make Botswana a more prosperous, productive and innovative nations as per Vision 2016 Masitara told his audience: “Besides creating employment for yourself you should creative employment for other Batswana. In times like this when the global economy is bleeding, the world looks to innovative minds full of ideas and enthusiasm to turn the tide around and bring growth to the economy again”.
He added: “This is the to open a new chapter in your life. You are now entering the real world of work where you will have to act responsibly and make mature decisions for you and your families”.
Masitara went on to commend the private sector and Limkokwing for working together through the Limkokwing Entrepreneurship Accelerated Programme. This arrangement is a compulsory   practical intern-ship for  Limkokwing students in the sixth semester of their studies.
“This is a milestone in the transformation of our tertiary education. It does not only bring trainees closer to the industry environment but develops practical skills for entrepreneurial pursuits as well”, he said.
Another speaker at the event, Dato Mustafa Kamal, Vice President Special Functions at Limkokwing Malaysia, who spoke on behalf of, Tan Sri Dato, the founder of the educational institution, said the graduates are the generation to change the way people think and urged them to live a meaningful life.
“Give yourself a purpose and then get on with it. You are already empowered with the knowledge and the skills you need to succeed”, Kamal said
“The future in anything you want it to be and is in your hands. Use it well and you will soon be doing things that seem simply impossible today. Making big footprints in this country and around the world is what I expect from you”, he added.

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