CIPA opens F/town branch

Companies And Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) officially opened its Francistown branch at Tati River Mall on Friday.

CIPA’s mandate is to promote and protect business interests. It also deals with intellectual property.

When giving welcome remarks, the branch manager Isaac Raphutshe stated that the physical transformation and modernisation that CIPA’s new office bears is a strong resemblance of what the company is set to experience in a short period.

“From humble beginnings CIPA has grown in size and importance, gradually establishing itself as locally, nationally, regionally and globally recognised quality assurance autority for interpreneurs and intellects,” he said.

CIPA board member Gabriel Ngele said their vision at CIPA is to be the leading business registration and intellectual property authority, contributing to making Botswana the No.1 business destination in Africa by 2020.

“It is comforting to know that we won’t achieve it on our own, but in collaboration with the various stakeholders and key partners as this is not for CIPA but for the country as a whole,” Ngele said.

He also stated that the initiative will lead to improved staff morale due to a more conducive working environment.

Registrar General, Conductor Paul Masena, thanked the Department for Cooperative Development for enabling them to bring services closer to the people in the Northern side of the country by providing them with an office space for the past 9 years .

“It was a great jumpstart for CIPA and for that we remain highly indebted to your benevolent gesture, which will forever be engraved in our hearts and our history.

“I also wish to thank the CIPA Francistown branch office staff for their patience and endiurance, while still accomodated at a small office. You had long outgrown the space but you stayed the course and continued to serve your customers with dignity and intergrity,” he said.