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It’s just a few days before the big day, yep Christmas Day and the capital city is almost deserted as most people have for different destinations to celebrate this holy day. I mean who spends their Christmas Day in Gaborone and again what’s there to do here? Anyhow I have noticed something about this special day, something disturbing really.

Now we all know that Christmas Day is really a day to celebrate Christ ‘’Jesus” birth and this day should be important to Christians but I personally think that we as a society we’ve lost the significance of this day, especially us the youth.

We treat this day as a holiday to have absolute fun, go wild and crazy and those who consume alcohol consume it like there’s no tomorrow. I think maybe if we were all to go back to the real meaning of this day, we would understand and hopefully behave accordingly.

Now in case you don’t know the meaning of the day it is a day whereby Christians should go to church and have Mas for Christ and maybe spend time with family and this is totally opposite from how most of us approach this day. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not at all saying that people shouldn’t have fun on this day, all I’m saying is that people need to bear in mind the importance of the day.

And then seeing that it is the end of the year, people need to sit down and assess their success and their failures for the just ending year. I know that most people don’t do this, some actually think it’s a waste of time and energy and others think it’s a crazy thing to do.

Now, my last words for this year, thank you guys for being loyal readers of this column and know that you are my inspiration and of course to those who have made it a point to listen to the Youth Affair show on Yarona FM. I’ve got nothing but love for you! Now have yourselves a fabulous Christmas and yea, hope t to see you in one piece next year. Until then, it is peace, love and happiness. Mxwah!

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Toropo ya Gaborone ka xmas e ka go bora. O hithela go setse bomakatane le mafele hela. Even the thieves are shy to break into houses.