Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees

Disgruntled Choppies employees at Westgate mall on Wednesday went on strike in protest against poor welfare and conditions of service.

The employees, some of who ear as little as P600 chanted songs of protest outside the shop and served their employers with a letter demanding improved wages and working conditions.

Our Reporter Portia Ngwako-Mlilo was at the scene and she had a chat with some of these employees just to find out how they make ends meet with their meager wages.

Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Precious Lekone

My salary this month is P900. I am supposed to pay P700 worth of rent and I have to send P500 for my child who stays with my aunt in Artesia.

I also have to buy food, toiletry, keep at least P200 for transport.

I have to buy myself a pair of black shoes as per the company requirement.

This company does not care about our welfare.

We are given oversized uniform and we have to alter it at our own expenses.

We are underpaid. Sometimes relatives help me with transport money mid month because we do not have basic a salary.

So if I fail to come to work, I don’t get paid.

My aunt sent me many messages saying she needs money to buy nappies for my baby and I told her I do not have money.

Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Game Daniel

I am paying my rented room P650 at Metsemotlhabe.

My budget for this month is P1 750 but I was paid P1 100.

This is for rent, toiletry, grocery and transport, excluding furniture from installments.

My mother is unemployed, so every monthend I have to send her at least P250 for electricity and water bill.

I live a very difficult life.

Sometimes my boyfriend helps to pay some of the expenses and I have now become a burden to him.

We work long hours and get paid very little.

Our employer does not value us at all.

Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Thandi Tilly Nkwe

My salary this month is P838.50, my rent cost P800, I pay furniture P278, transport P200 and send P350 for my child maintenance.

I really don’t know how I will divide this salary.

I have asked management to show me my clockings and I think somebody tempered with them.

I have never been absent this month and I was coming to work on time.

I was surprised to see that the system shows that in some days I have worked for only three hours and five hours but that is not possible.

I will not go to work until my money is paid.

I would rather lose my job than incurring more costs coming to work.

Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Bontshetse Kokomane

I was paid P900, I pay rent P800, I am staying with my son, I have to pay for his transport.

There are bank services charges so I am literally left with nothing.

I don’t have money for transport, toiletry and grocery.

We are hoping our employer will consider increasing our salaries.

It was basically a hand to mouth job as we cannot afford to make any saving.

Choppies pays us peanuts - Employees
Vincent Ngatangue Junior

We work more than 8 hours but the company is failing to pay us overtime.

I was paid P1 200 and I pay P850 worth of rent.

Grocery costs around P400, transport P300.

Cost of living in Gaborone is very high and this money cannot sustain me for a month.

This company is making a huge profit but they are paying us peanuts yet we work very hard to make those profits.

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