SUSPENDED: Ottapathu

Choppies has denied allegations made against it by its suspended CEO, Ramachandran Ottapathu that his suspension is due to boardroom brawls.

Last month, the board of the retail chain supermarket led by former President Festus Mogae slapped Ram, as he is popularly known, with an indefinite suspension.

Thereafter, Ram was quoted in the media dismissing his suspension, saying it was as result of disagreements with certain members of the board.

In a statement this week (Monday), the company stuck to its guns, insisting the CEO’s suspension was and is valid and proper.

The regional grocer says Ram’s rights and entitlements under the laws of Botswana have not been infringed upon even a bit.

Despite Ram saying his suspension was due to boardroom brawls with certain members of the board, who he has accused of ‘lacking retail experience’, Choppies board says the suspension was due to an aggregation of activities as well as his conduct.

‚ÄúThese will in due course be made known to shareholders, once the various investigations referred to in previous announcements by the Company are completed,” Choppies said in a statement to shareholders on Monday afternoon.

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