It was bound to happen, but I just did not expect it this soon! Remember the noble idea of the Botswana Defence Force of including women in the army. Sometime back Yours Truly was among the people who gathered to welcome the first batch of female soldiers who were arriving from training in Tanzania. The first batch of female cadets had arrived!
These ladies had just made history for being the first women soldiers in the country. However there were conditions. The one that I remember clearly for obvious reasons, was that the girls couldn’t date the male officers at a junior rank.
Do you know what that meant? If the girl had left for Tanzania leaving her boyfriend at the rank of private, the moment she arrives back in the country as a cadet the relationship is over.
Apparently this policy does not apply to all. The females can date males their senior but cannot go higher up into the hierarchy.
This standing order did not however stop a very senior officer in the army from impregnating his much junior subordinate. The issue is said to be a well-known secret within the BDF circle. The gentleman who controversial ascended to his position is a married man and one the highest ranking officers in the army.



Shaya aint homophobic or something. But Yours truly’s itchy ears can’t help catch and share the latest. And this one is a classic!
Apparently somewhere in Block 8 there is a place where gays occasionally meet for sex parties.
It is at this place that guys get involved in man-to-man bliss away from the conservative Batswana.
However, there is this other gay boy who has caught the attention of the gay clique. While most of them drive to the party in Corollas, Nissan Marches and Mazda 3’s, the lad always arrives at the party aboard a helicopter.
Rumour has it that the cute young man is dating a very high profile somebody. He is said to have become an envy of all gay men, due to the fact  that he is dating one of the most powerful people in the country. The sugar daddy is so powerful that, should he come out into the open gays will be roaming the streets the next day. I’m talking about… er! Go to Block 8 and wait for chopper.



Could this be another strategy by the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy of crippling the BDP? Fidelis Molao has just won Tonota North Bulela Ditswe; another term for BDP primary elections. So, should opposition fear anything. Nay, says those in the know.
Rumour within the embattled ruling BDP is should the former director of the Botswana National Youth Council win the bye-elections, he would quickly defect to BMD with the new seat.
In fact, some suggest his surprise win was a due to the dual-card carrying members of the BMD, who for strategic reasons were still holding on to the BDP membership cards so they vote for their man before finally ditching the ailing Domkrag.
Molao has dismissed such allegations but sources insist that the young politician is ready to deliver a sucker punch to the BDP.
“That is nonsense. That was a smear campaign from my opponents but it did not sell because people in this region know me. I’m BDP for life,” he said.
Molao told Shaya that all of his five BDP opponents used this BMD issue against him during their campaign.

This young boy has got it for the silver haired. He just can’t keep his hands away from old ladies. So good looking is the former TV man that another mama has fallen prey to his smooth ways. He is said to be dating a former cabinet minister old enough to be her mother.
It was not the first time that the smooth operator got down with an oldie. Before he hooked up the politician, he was romantically linked to a high-flying Banker, who was also linked to one top dog in the land.
Now similarities between the two old ladies are that they are loaded, and the young man is digging in.


  1. is it realy benson? naare dude e e ikaeletseng ka lyf? convertible e ntseana ga se ya madi a gagwe………..

  2. About the BDF.Just wen I thought Botswana cant get any dummer?Who tOld them they can control a person’s freedom of coice’daaa’the freedom to choose who u want to Fu*k Or Love.Motho yo o ne a ba aketsa.

  3. nnyaa ruri! i bet dude ga e na stress ka the auctioned stuff. i mean, one round of good sex cud get hm just abt anythng. hahaa.

  4. HEY ALAN!he qulifies c’mon he needs tha bucks.s 4 soldias bluh should not be controlled it shud hapen no matter the position held btwn da patnas in da hierachy…positions means nthin

  5. why r u worried that its Benson,gape wena reezy ga go a twe the two have engaged in sex,ok.Benson is probably mustarbating right now…

  6. ijoo haele ao masole ke mathata legone a married senior hei punishment e kgolo 1.he is maried 2.senior ijoo!areng khama jaanong

  7. ao bthong if ele benson,tota ke eng fela se ase hlokang ma14 a tletse ka toropo,gare batho bao ba itlhatswa madi ka wena o le botokanyana jaana.lesa go ipolaela madi rra go na le batho ba ba go lekanen ebile ba go rata.

  8. fool’read u r a fool’head. u think a guy wa go nna le sugar mommy a sa theneke??? heela….wake up! u work to get paid! motho yo o mmonang a ba nyoka.

  9. truth b told sadie, i aint got to bak hm up coz wat he is doing is just bull! o ta tsohala a sa le monnye… bt hey,sory neh.

  10. Nna borra ke a mmatla mosadimogolo gore ke mo sotlhe ka mosetla o duma o ga banna ba matenyola nna ga go na go pe fa ke tsenang teng.banyana ba masole ke batho ba a remiwa ba tshola bana molato ke eng?

  11. if its benson, boy i’m loaded if it’s the money u r after, nd ke le 14, i love ur eyes waitse. as for masole gone, as far as i’m concerned no body chooses who to love or lust, it just happens, like me and Benson, u see.

  12. Shaya has this “othering” phenomenon. So that means he envy gay people. He wish he was not known so that he can fuck the chocolate crack.

    About Benson, tswaa mo go Benson, mongwe le mongwe fuck whoever he wants to fuck. Gakere wena oja Mike Oliver gagotwe sepe.

    Pregnat officer, tshwaa mo merobalanong ya batho. O tswa pelo o selo. Masole ke batho boy.

  13. @bdf. mogolo o jele moshomo banna!! o ne a i cateretse rra! o ja madi kafa o ja le batho!! ijoo barena hle renang le makaunyana a lona le ba utwise diphilo plis ka tswetswe

  14. The lyf yabo Sugarmama is gud en i like it, not because of money 4 pleasure i nid one pliz help me now

  15. he he he he lucifer!o mpolaisetsang dikgopo ntsalaka?hi hi hi hi.

    eish mare mfana o pusha life ke a go bolelela. former Cabinet minister + Prominent Banker = zaka yotlhe ya republic!

  16. Benson o tla re golega, o dirang le matlalo, ke raya hela o intshitse tshole. Ba tloo go kapa bana ba batho bao melaiti botsa nna.

  17. ke tsaya gore mongwe le mongwe o ja ka fa a ratang ka teng. age aint a nothing but a number. ma 14 ba kgaphisa sethitho betsho, tota nna bagolo ba ntsaya shapo ka gore they are capable of giving you love and respect. they dont like cheating fa o ba servicer sentle fela. ma 14 a butse mebulo so tota nna tse di tona tona lehalahala ga ke tsene. was very shocked one day to find my friend s mother dating a friend of mine. ga ke re gatwe, ke mo fitlhetse a tsoga teng. ngwana wa gagwe a tshela mo a sotlakaka batho gore kgang ya di sugar mummy ke boatla, he did not know gore mmaagwe o thuma mo kgangnyeng eo. so what if your mum does that. ba bangwe gone fa re date bo mmabone fa, talk to your parents, ga ba utlwe. machonisa there s one sugarmami that i know, o ka go fa lerato gore laiti yaka. she wants someone whos 35.

  18. tselane ngwanaka, lenna ke a mmata bt im 23 my perfomance is good mo dikobong, ke bata kuku e e nnang le experience im serious wht bt u dnt joke pliz.

  19. Its Benson and Former minister of health Joy Phumaphi dnt tell people ke a le sebetsa guys i saw thm wit my naked eyes @ one Indian resturant

  20. @Lyf
    Nnaka, ithute maitseo. Joy Phumaphi is happily married to High Court Judge Mpaphi Phumaphi. Nxa! O ta re golega ntsa ke wena

  21. To date a sugarmami is a life time experience borra,if u havent done it u dont know a thing.Nna rra ke ne ka segofadiwa ke a very prominent sm1 yoo o mo corporate world fa ke santse ke dira kele moithuti…even 2day I fly ko maun ke ya lwapeng ke pegiwa. spane i went straight into a job ke connectiwa,seo Ke botshelo,mongwe le mongwe o ja wa phatla ya gagwe mofufutso

  22. @Lucifer, A basadi ba di-judge ga ba jise? Monnamogolo le ene bare o phura Ma(2*7=14). Gongwe ke sone se J a buile ka bonako from UN top job.

  23. kare ba a di dira dia ba dumela. akere mme the same lady was photographed in one of the newspapers before she left to UN a suna le 14. ke dijo tsa gagwe, ga se (2*7).

  24. kare di a ntsha tlhe mo gabs. @kabo o monnye laiti yaaka, kana motho wa teng o 50 tlhe monna. are o batla yoo 35. e tsile go nna jaaka o kare tshoswane e palame lofo fela. kana ona le mmele o shaponyana

  25. @tselane ngwanaka, hey o ta mpolaisa ditshego laiti yaka ha o re tshoswane e palame loaf, bt ke grente laiti yaka nka mmoela somwhr, i wanna c ma self drivin range rover

  26. Khonse laiti e ya ntwaela, i said what i saw en o mpitsa ntsa at tha en of the day @Lucifer Senana sa saga nkukuago, en ya whole family o mborisetse this column nfethu lol

  27. @Lucifer God will 4giv me to wht i have done, pliz laiti ya ka i send tha previous message b4 i read ya Apology 4giv me neh

  28. majita ke longwetse sugars le nna, ma 14 a lapisa gape a tshwere dikuku tse di tona, its gud 2 employ sum1 hu has experience

  29. aoo gate benson suga daddy ele gre ma 14 a tholang a ba pega mo convertable e ae rentileng ko barloworld ba kae ga ba mo kgotsofatse kapa jwan

  30. i have heard luv is blind,may be he luvs her for real lona le itse jang? a ko lone le tswa hela mo dilong tsa batho…haele SHAYA ene ke ipotsa gore dilo tse tsothe o di bona leng ija!!

  31. Heee! tswa mo go Benson o ipatlela madi, gase gore gaa je ma 14, fela ke gore waa bo a batla go duelelwa rent ya ntlo ke sugar mummy.

  32. Eish BDF,NOT SUPRISIN,golo koo sex its the talk of the day,batla dira eng coz spane gasena description,u wait for the commands,gone mme morena o ijetse ee gagametsen,the thin ke gore he’s married 4 Gods sake,motho yo mmonen