Bakgatla’s dry perched throats
REPORTS that Bakgatla Paramount Chief, Kgosi Kgafela I, would be arraigned before a court of law have reportedly brought excitement to the Kgatleng youth. The young men and woman who claim to be tired of being told when and what to drink are reportedly happy that fi nally the law is taking effect. That they were barred from drinking before 12 mid-day was source of irritation for most Kgatleng dwellers. Shaya could feel for them. Just imagine the terrible hang over between 9am and 12noon? Oh! And maybe the whip will take a break. That is, until…


THERE have been rumours doing rounds that the newly crowned Miss Botswana, Emma Wareus, was the
favourite of the organisers. Some of the girls who were dropped from the prestigious pageantry claimed that Wareus was given special treatment. This ended in some media publications tipping Emma for the crown. Some journalists even voiced their concerns and wanted to be assured that the judging would be fair. One of the judges DJ O’Neal nearly caused a stir when he directed a question supposed to go to Bonny Serole to Emma Wareus. “This one goes out to Emma,” O’Neal said to a roar of disapproval. The RB2 man’s gesture further fuelled speculation that the whole event was stage managed as people later, in
hushed voices, said Emma was exalted above the rest. “Did you see even in the swim wear parade, she was
always the centre of attraction. Why should she be the one to be at the centre? If she does not come first she is the last one, she is taking all the key positions,” complained one lady, who later confessed that she
wanted Naledi Moshoeshoe to win. Shaya however noticed that Wareus had so much support as many who attended wanted her to win.

RALPH Williams Jnr aka Stagga should be worried that he is no longer getting the same cheers he used to
get every time he stepped on stage. The ‘We get crazy’ hit maker received a lukewarm reception for his performance at Miss Botswana pageant. While the likes of Juju Boy and Zeus had people on their feet, Stagga could only get a few excitable voices from a couple of ladies.While many of them sang along to Juju Boy’s‘Hurt me’, only a few knew the lyrics to Stagga’s Kool and the Gang re-make of ‘Get down on it’. His continuous selection for such events has raised eyebrows. For an artist who has not released an album for so long, what can you expect?

DO you know the short black man who is being blamed by the entire population for messing up a potentially good radio station?
Yes the same man who allegedly fired all good presenters from the said radio, the same guy who made the best of the best resign? You should know him. Well the poor guy is lonely. At least that is what Shaya thought when he saw the dude at last Saturday’s Miss Botswana final. The usually bubbly guy was reserved and spent most of the time standing alone, as people who used to be his companions just gave him a nod and moved on. There were no usual hugs and long conversations, in that irritating and fake American accent. Poor little Rub Rub might have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

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Zibanani live o na le crush mo go emma go natural ga go na gore go tla tweng.


Bo Zibanani ga ba bate go bona mosese o kgabola….ke babaha ba….


Mare ke eng?? Ke rata Shaya waitse. Your choice of words, you always crack me big time. Keep them coming gossips. M just a fan spreading some love.