Bobirwa MP and Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Shaw Kgathi is one of the few BDP members who were quoted in the press last week claiming that his party is still going to harm the break away party BMD. Kgathi was speaking after Patrick Masimolole and Philip Makgalemele made a u-turn back to the BDP.
“Yes I can confirm that both MPs would be back to the BDP. Now after these two our next target is Botsalo Ntuane as he is the most vulnerable,” he was quoted.
Minister Kgathi was implying that  amongst the BMD MPs Ntuane was the easiest target to be brought back to the BDP fold.
However Ntuane ridiculed Kgathi’s statements during a BMD press conference held at Falcon Crest last Wednesday.
Ntuane said after reading the papers he called him (Kgathi) and asked him what he meant to which he allegedly said, “it is all propaganda.”
“I asked him about the slush fund and he quickly told me that we could not talk about such things over the phone,” Ntuane said.

Good advice from Kgathi, now Shaya pleads with Ntuane to set a meeting with the Minster so they could discuss the fund issue and be warned, Shaya would have a little fly listening.


Just when people were writing their obituary Duma FM has just pulled the biggest surprise by employing veteran Andrew Sesenyi, who is supposed to start his new job on September 1.
The station manager Alfred Busang confirmed to Shaya that indeed Sesenyi would host a Sunday show at the station.
“We are all about more talk, and the best talk station in the country, so we expect Sesenyi to add value to this station with a show that would engage the general public,” Busang said.
The station manager also said they are still negotiating with Laone Segaetsho as one of the possible presenters who would be roped into the station.
Segaetsho came into prominence in the early 2000 as a presenter of Masa a sele, a call in programme that at one time had to be stopped as it was beamed too critical of government.
He however did not want to reveal much about his pending appointment referring Yours Truly to the station manager.
“I have held negotiations with them but I cannot reveal anything at the moment,” he said.
Tell you what, this news has brought excitement to me. Duma FM is back!


Prominent local producer Robert Dargie of Dargie Studios says he is aware of a plot to bring him down but is not worried about such.
“I know the people who are plotting against me, but I’m not shaken because I know they are jealous of my success,” fired Dargie.
He said he even has a tape recording of some of the people discussing how to bring him to his knees.
“I can take the tape to the police if I want to, it’s just that I have better things to do with my time,” he said.

Drugs are not cool

The situation is spiralling out of control! Our so called celebrities seem to believe that drug use is part and parcel of being in the lime light. When I grew up, the common drug I knew was dagga, the rest I only saw on television and read about them. Twenty years later a 17 year old knows all about ecstasy, rock (crack) and cocaine!
Shaya is still to know just one celebrity who does not use drugs. The rest I know are addicted to either one or two drugs, both male and female.
What is this world coming to? Is it because of the Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or your Louis Goset Juniors?
They have a street name for it too. It is called eat some more!
Ladies and gentlemen drug abuse is not cool, ask Whitney Huston, Elvis Presley and Big Pun.


  1. mxm chillin out ya bora ths days thy gvn us news we already knw agggh!ntuane is full of himself n kgathi is ryt he an easy target.duma fm is tryna b a replica of RB1,ba itapisa RB1 ke lekoko no body is gn beat em.the nly station movn forward in bots ke yarona fm…

  2. go abo gorileng,shaya ka maaka so di hedile dikgang,ga wa phuthela gompieno,o kgathetse ngwana etsho ke go thola ba alotse ditaba,o gamogile gompieno. next wik o tla baya dibantuka hatshe ngwanoetsho

  3. Gatwe dargie le motsaya kae o tla re tshosetsa bana ka bompe, le rona batswana re a topa topa nxa!!!!!!

  4. botsalo o golela batho.ke ne ke mo rata jaanong mogatla wa gagwe ekete wa phepheng .ba talela kgama.ga ba kgore sente,. odirile ene o batla mpama.kgama ke wa rona ga a pelo tshetla,ga a corrupt.dargie ene oa ntena lekwerekwere ale tswe ka botswana geses.

  5. boring boring boring,o heletswe Shaya????le wena rra ga o bolo go nna ore aketsa all th tym…..o ole puuu haatshe….now start wth yo own secrets mayb o tla nna le tatedi gape

  6. Shaya nxt tym neh gompieno ga wa kgatha le eseng, why didnt u lie about somthing then apologise on the nxt issue as u always do.