Well before Africa is even done with the World Cup celebrations, they will be in for yet another edition of the biggest reality show; Big Brother Africa. M-Net has announced that the fifth edition of the show will screen on July 18, and will be screened live 24/7 for 91 days on DStv Channel 198 for DStv Premium and Compact subscribers.
Before you get excited and hope to represent the country at the coming edition, Shaya is happy to announce that it will not happen unless you had auditioned in the previous editions.
M-Net has decided to break the tradition of calling for entries, deciding to headhunt contestants from a database of previous entries submitted for the show.
Botswana’s representatives in the previous shows have not performed well save for Warona Setshwaelo who managed  to go through to the last four.
Justice Motlhabani who represented the country on the third screening was accused of being an alcoholic while Tawana Lebani became the sex queen in the house.
Her “I love [email protected]#k” comment even prompted the then President Festus Mogae to condemn her behaviour.
Good news is both Motlhabani and Lebani are ineligible to take part, and the country should be wondering who would be heading to South Africa.
Some of the well-known people who had tried their luck include the Voice Fashionista Mpho Laing, VS of Oicheke fame and rapper Stagga.
Up for grabs is a whooping USD 200 000!


Yours truly is still mad over reports that a certain high profile minister has gone scot-free by waxing his wallet power. His crime is attempted rape.
Information reaching yours truly is that the victim threatened to go to the media with the story, something that had the chubby politician running to the bank. The lady who was an employee within the Minister’s constituency succumbed to the lure of cash. Shaya has also learnt that the said woman has been transferred to another area away from the Minister’s vicinity. The poor lady has been sworn to silence!
What a shame, Shaya hopes the money will be enough to buy back the lady’s dignity.
And Mr Minister, I am watching you, and don’t you dare come close to the under-aged, something I know you are capable of. Next time, your name and greasy face will be splashed not only here, but also on the front page. That’s a promise!


Being gay has become fashionable of late. Even men and boys who everybody knew had been skirt chasers since they learnt to wink have joined the fray. Amazingly it is the so-called celebrities who seem to have fallen for this trend. Shaya has been informed that a well-known former radio presenter is painting the town red. The said gentleman who allegedly has financial problems has found solace in same sex relationships. In fact, Shaya’s itchy ears hear he was once caught with pants down doing business with another guy in a toilet at one of the most popular hotels in GC.
The fella is not alone, Sources claim that there is high demand for gay partners as foreigners continue to flood the country and local men are ceasing the opportunity to make a quick buck.
“Most of these guys are not really gay, they are bisexual. They have girlfriends or wives but want somebody else on the side to sponsor their lifestyles,” the source said.
Sounds like prostitution to me!

STANLEY TSHOSANEA couple of national team players selected to face Tunisia on July 1 allegedly have no confidence in their mentor Stanley Tshosane. Senior players who spoke on condition of anonymity told Shaya that the coach does not bring anything new to the training sessions.
“We had better coaches at our clubs, who we could understand. The coach’s tactics are too lame and easy to decode,” Shaya was told.
They claim Tshosane’s greatest downfall is that he is not a motivator. The coach apparently rarely jokes and always carries a serious face, something they say makes it impossible to open up to him.
But not everyone is on an edge. Many other players told Shaya that Stan is the man to lead the troupes to battle. Players, mostly youngsters say if given a chance the coach can deliver for the country.
“Ever since he returned from Brazil he has been teaching us a lot of new stuff, which if we could apply well can benefit us,” one youngster said.
What Shaya knows though is the coach has been spot on in his analysis of the World Cup in a couple of publications he had granted interviews. So maybe, just maybe, Stan is the man, and Morocco better watch!

VIVANTEIT is not an easy thing to come across old photos of local celebrities and when you find one, it is only natural to want to share it with the rest of the world.
RB2 sports presenter and BTV news reader, Thobo Tlhasana, popularly known as Vivante is a celebrity in his own right. He drives the latest BMW and wears designer clothes, but most people don’t know where he comes from. In this picture, there is no swagger at all and check out the pose. Where were you at VVT?


  1. we waitn fo big bro5 we hope our representative will b sum bod hu wil stand 4 our country n be proud gud lak 2 our rep

  2. it wsnt his dy, indeed there wasnt any swagger vivante gorilen i min we once saw u on this very same paper ditsamaiso tsa ga go di le fucked. re tla reng ke botshelo……………..

  3. leave thobo thasana alone…
    waitse!! nna tota ga twe re tsile go nyalwa ke bomang fa banna botlhe mo lefatsheng o kare ba tla jana marago 🙁 legale they are all going 2 hell 4 dat,

    agg ba big brother bone ba ela go embarassa fela.anyway we will c this tym gr o tsamayang o ya go representa botswana jang..coz we had a dick lover and an alcoholic so far 🙁

  4. atleast vivante has no sat back a re o a sokola he has actually done something about it.ditlhako tsa ma last bathong la itse gore mongwe le mongwe has a bad day

  5. ok..we dont have the best coach, re tlaa reng akere rene re lela rowe a duelwa 60 grand a month so re solohetse coach e duelwang bokae…stan is 50 grand worth…so he is givin us our maoies worth…
    the other ke di mogogi..u can go to hell as far as im concend..teh rest..lona ba le setseng,,play like yo life depend on any game, le diiwa ke jwala…lastly..when is fani’s term ending? motho yoo buang a lepella yoo keene a diang bolo..le lona le dirwa ke go ntsha makgalemele le tabogetse go prova point…