SHAYA’S long ears have just eavesdropped on Phillip Makgalemele’s impeding wedding. The Shoshong MP will on Thursday say I do to a Molepolole lass in big wedding on Saturday in his home village. Go for it Mr Legislator and this time around make it for keeps. He has tied the knot before
I must admit, our own Fashionista is hot. So hot is Ms Mpho Laing that at times Yours Truly just has to follow her and grab a few snaps of her. But at times, I have become a bit nasty. In fact, I must admit, I have been a jerk where Miss Laing is concerned. Take last week. Yours Truly was so sure that Miss Laing’s pic of her kissing some guy would just be laughed off. But in retrospect(yah, I do have a conscious),I realise that was nasty. I was left even more guilty when I realised the guy was in fact a colleague from Flair magazine, and a close pal of Miss Laing and many in the industry. In fact, I am told the guy is harmless,
just as the kiss was a harmless embrace of good old pals. Okay, Miss Laing, my mistake. I am a jerk, and I admit. Please forgive me, and plead with all your fans not to hunt me down and beat me up. I know I deserve it, but I am just harmless

SHAYA has leant that employees at the Mass Media Complex have been following the latest developments within the Botswana Democratic Party with keen interest. Ladies and gentleman at the government media hub are reportedly excited at the recent formation of the new Botswana Movement for Democracy
(BMD). So excited are they that they allegedly wish the president could call for snap elections. Both Radio Botswana and BTV employees are said to be frustrated by political interference in their day-to-day job. Most of them are sympathetic to BMD and if they could have it their way, the BDP breakaway party could have more airtime on state media. Shaya has been reliably informed that the staff is ready to spill the beans about the intimidation and harassment they endured at the hands of their leadership. That is if there could be change of power, otherwise the poor ladies will suffer in silence


THERE have been accusations of favoritism and sexual favours in the Miss Botswana beauty pageants and the accusations just can’t go away. Girls who have just been fi red from the beauty pageant have made wild
accusations to the organisers. The girls claimed live on radio that, if the organisers can’t have it their way with you, you are good as dead. They further claimed that the darlings of the said organisers cannot do no
wrong. In the recent past former winners of the pageant have been in news for all the wrong reasons.
Question is; are we grooming the right breed of young girls, or are we simply teaching them that they can
get away with anything by just bending the way they are commanded? Where are women organisations?


  1. @shaya, wena le wena o rata go kwalakwala hela o sa sekaseka pele aa! Mpho o ta go itshwarela neh! Nna re sale re itsile.nna le nna ke bata go nna mothsa mopresidante kapa moeteledi ele wa sengwe mo lehatsheng lenna bongwanake ba te ba wine dimmabonte ba bue le mo di weleseng….