A little birdie whispered to Shaya last week that Ecco City Greens and national team striker Bonolo Fraiser has popped the question to his sweetheart, a certain teacher known as Mimi at Maoka Junior School.
However Shaya’s investigations revealed that the two were no longer dating. It seems the former Nanogang teacher is dating someone else, and the brother looks ready to walk down the isle.
“I have not proposed to anyone. We broke up,” Fraiser told Chilling out.
Further investigations revealed that Mimi’s new catch is none other that kwaito artist T.H.A.B.O of Untshwarable and RB2 fame.
Reached for comment Mimi said she was indeed wearing a ring, but could not disclose who its source was. She however changed her statement when Shaya asked her if she could be dating two guys.


“No I’m no longer seeing Fraizer. This ring is not for engagement,” she said.
When asked if the ring was bought by the kwaito artist, Mimi just laughed referring Shaya to T.H.A.B.O
“What is he saying? Ask him. He is just my friend,” she said.
On the other, the former T-Joint front man denied knowledge of a female teacher called Mimi at Maoka.
“I do not know such a person. I will tell you if I get engaged,” he said.
As untshwarable as this issue seem to be, Shaya is watching.



After the victory of Fidelis Molao in the Tonota by-election Botswana Democratic Party campaign manager Kentse Rammidi wept like a little boy, allegedly after a certain woman asked him to break down and cry. Part of the spectacle was beamed on national television.
Yours truly however was left wondering why a grown man like Rammidi, who managed to win a constituency of his own without shedding a tear failed to hold his tears. Was it really the woman’s command?
Just imagine, if I had that much power over the BDP man, the nation would become a comedy state!
Here are a couple of commands I would issue to the honourable Rammidi.
1.    Join Pono Moathodi and roll on your back.
2.    Spike the president’s drink with alcohol.
3.    Cause havoc in parliament and slap everyone who is a former soldier….er at your own risk though.
I know you faithful Shaya legion have some interesting commands you would like to pass to the MP. Please post them on line.

Afro-Pop singer Astley Gops who recently professed his undying love for the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy is said to be a man always on the move. Gops as he is famously called seems to be unable to stay in one place for too long.
“He is a very self centred man. If he feels like leaving, he just grabs his bag and go,” someone close to the artist said.
Recently in court over failure to maintain his child, Gops has since relocated to Francistown from Palapye where he has been staying.Gops has been hopping from Palapye, Gaborone, Tonota, Francistown and Mafikeng.The artists however does not seem a problem with moving about.
“I have been doing that, for a long time and it is working for me. I’m looking for greener pastures!” he said.
Well Shaya hopes he finds the right combination to make enough money for his child’s sake.



The national team’s technical sponsors, All Kasi should be livid that the Vice President (Administration) Boyce Sebetela was putting on a competitor (FILA)’s t-shirt during a press briefing last week.
When quizzed if he thought it was proper to be wearing a FILA jersey, Sebetela seemed to think that it was no big deal.
Mr VP, please get this through your head. It is vital that you do not look to be supporting a competitor and potential sponsor of the national team over the current sponsor.
With the national team doing so well all the sponsors should enjoy the mileage they deserve, now with a picture like this all over the internet FILA is reaping where they have not sown. All Kasi has the right to launch a complaint. This is unacceptable. When will you people learn?


  1. Pliz remove this password. Nna ke setse ke tshaba go ntsha maikutlo ame. Ka nako ya bulela-ditswe, i was free to comment. Saulo o re bogisetsang? U are losing online readership

  2. nna ke lla ka Bonolo,ngwana yoo ke wame,
    Mimi le T.H.A.B.O tswang mo ngwaneng. Tlogelang bbe yame bathong,re santse re gola mmogo,tsa manyalo ke tsa lona.

  3. when will these elders learn, heela rra Boyce golo moo gase bokwete…FILA in a press briefing ya AK…NO..NO..NO. 4 ur own info u dnt impress us, we nid ur support not your EGO..SWALLOW IT..rra wee..ga re pallwe ke FILA bt you must honour the effort ya bana ba rona..GA KEA RATA WAITS…IJA!!