I never thought the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Kitso Mokaila had such a sense of humour. I mean for a guy who was recently accused of wasting tax payers’ money on furniture, one would have expected him to be wearing a long face.
Shaya’s sources claim that in a speech he made at the Annual Tuli de Tour last week the minister made fun of one of the well known tourist destinations in South Africa.
Mind you, most of the minister’s audience were South Africans who had come to take part in the fund-raising event.
“Please allow me to be boastful. I have every belief that my country has the best tourist destinations and national parks. Not like the likes of Kruger National Zoo,” the minister is reported to have said.
Ouch! Owners of Kruger National Park would not like that at all.


Mapetla & Tuks

Local kwaito sensation Thabo Ntirang popularly known as Mapetla crossed the border to South Africa last week to prepare for a collaboration with Motswako artist Tuks Senganga. Shaya learnt that Tuks’ associates were in town where they witnessed the dread locked musician performing and were impressed with him.
“They were totally blown away and decided right there that he should accompany them back to South Africa, where he would link up with Tuks in a song,” the source said.
Mapetla confirmed to Yours Truly that in deed he went to brainstorm with Tuks on what they could work on.


“We have not yet decided on what to do, but we have touched on a few ideas which we would further look at in two weeks,” he said.
Mapetla further revealed that the Hurt me hit maker, Juju Boy could be roped into the project.
This could have come at the right moment for Mapetla whose latest album Groot-man did not do as well as it was expected.
Maybe, just maybe this collaboration would put Skhokho back to where he belongs.

This is a tough year for local musicians. Sales have drastically gone down, the unfavourable working hours are further compounding the problem; but what other artists are engaging on is inexcusable!
Some one made it known to Yours Truly that a local traditional female artist is so desperate for shows that she is ready to give promoters anything. Anything and everything in whatever form.
Her star has fallen off and the bulging artist at one point hinted that she will not come back to traditional music.
Apparently she performed this past weekend at one of the local clubs, with  the help of another member of a struggling kwaito/kwasa group.
Those who saw them claim the two later left together and spent the night at a secluded area. This is just after a few months after the artists declared that she is ready to settle down with the father of her child! Shame!



Duma Fm Manager did not mince his words in a letter of August 10, where he stated that somebody purporting to be a reporter from The Voice called to enquire about Desma Basson. Shaya had learnt that Ms Basson was to allegedly quit the station and wanted to find out if it were true.
The manager, Alfred Busang responded that the ‘reporter’ insisted on a telephonic interview but he, Busang didn’t want to be misrepresented and misquoted and opted to answer in writing.
He wrote: “Duma Fm has taken the decision not to grant your publication, The Voice any interviews. This decision was prompted by your paper’s continued insistence on maliciously publishing material that is deliberately meant to tarnish the image of the radio station.”
He continued: “Kindly restrict your quotes/comments to the contents of this written statement. Failure, which, Duma Fm reserves the right to institute legal action against your publication.”
The ever obedient Shaya has followed Mr Busang’s demands to the letter and published what he required.

Leader of Opposition Botsalo Ntuane, is scratching his head at the sudden change of heart from Philip Makgalemelele’s somersault from BDP to BMD and now to BDP. If there are more defections, this could put Ntuane in a very embarrassing situation. The BMD should not have any more defections or  they will lose the numbers that make them the leading opposition party.
If, they stomach more defections, the rebellious BMD politician known for striking under the belt, could become the opposition leader that never was.


  1. bg-up 4 dat collabo guys and hpe is gonna b a killa 1 cz u gat man of da game TUKS senganga,kn”t wait 4 dat ey.peace out

  2. bo kgaitsadiarona ba a sotega. rona re sale re rile tsenang dikolo ka madi alo a dirang, gore ere music o sa rekwe o bo o bata piece job ka qualification e o etswereng. lo kabo lo sa robalwe robalwe mothoho hela jaana.

  3. @ben agree with u, their tourist attractions and parks are over commercialised though having far more returns than ours BUT we have ONLY THE BEST

  4. it is clear that Rre Makgalemele is power hungry now that his wishes have not been met,he is going back anyway is a shame for me to hear BMD being called leader of opposition of which in a matter of fact it is not and will never be.THE SAME SCENARIO HAPPENNED WHEN BCP BROKE FROM BNF IN 1999.BCP BECAME THE LEADER OF OPPOSITION,COME ELECTIONS IN 2004 THEY EMERGED WITH ONLY 1 PARLIMENTARIAN…B.N.F will aways be the leader of opposition and Botswana Democratic Party will always lead…come 2014 Botswana Movement for Disaster will only have one MP.TRUST ME-REASONING FROM ANALOGY

  5. se rre MAKGALEMELE a se dirang ke gone mo gotweng koi kana morabaraba.hope lo a e itse metshameko eo.he is jst controlled by de will of his stomach.shld we ever believe him?one a ya BMD a ya go cheka coast koteng a seka a nna sure gore o tla ja sengwe,a sia gape.wt he hv done i term it political suicide or political prostitution.power hungy indeed!

  6. yep!domi ke koi go tolelwa kafa le kafa, anyway i think o dirile sente a seke a itshokeletsa kana sometimes go bothoko to dance to a tune o sa e feeli, gone why did he rush? ka gore o ka bo a tsere thswetso a le sure ka story sa gagwe. now ke ipotsa ka reputation and intergrity ya gagwe. ke tseo ba shoshong!!

  7. Yeah he is very wrong.South Africans can take a lot of pot shots at our infrastructure yet we claim to have so much money.i am not impressed.

  8. guys,Kitso is not wrong. KNP is a zoo… as compared to our parks which are still pristine and intact. KNP have been modified while our parks are in their true nature. we dont temper with our parks. the only man-made thing are boreholes providing our wildlife with water.

  9. O ba bone borre bao Mapetla… it’s a golden opportunity but o seka wa tsena mo dealing ya teng o tswetse matlho or else o tla tswa ka R50. Ask for advice from boSkizo, Gud luck!
    I think Hon. Makgalemele got caught up in the frenzy. BMD need to sit down and define themselves so that whoever comes to them knows what they are coming to. It’s one thing to run away from a party (BDP) and another thing to know who/where you are running to. The late Rantao fa a boela BNF o ne a nkgatlha fa are tladi fa e ratha kwa ga lona o ka siela le mo mosimeng tota, mme fa le sena go feta o boela kwa ga mmago.

    I know i’s unfashionable to say anything bad about BMD but let me warn them that if they don’t sit down to map the way forward people lyk bo Motlhale ba ka nna ba boela BDP. Modubule le ene was only compromising coz deep down ke moBNF. Watch these 2 men…

  10. A kitso mkaila ke PRO ya di!a ipapatse mme esen kago bua ba bangwe jalo.!heeedu.otlwan lepodisi le..!la re his achievement ke!nna yaga rre makgalmele ea ntshosa.i c him a tlhopho ke batho ba shoshon in the first place..!

  11. Mokaila is a sinior minister, he should know better. That is why he travel on diplomatic passport, He has to watch every word he says else MaSASA ba tloga ba kopa apology jaaka monna o mongwe o re nwang kofi le ene jaana.

  12. Gape gare re Botswana gaa montle.We are saying one shudn’t make himself good by humiliating others.Praise yrself but compare in yr heart.What are we teaching our kids?This is the type of arrogance that leads people to say batho ba overstocked or motho a roga batho for being offered water in a jug a sa ye go reka a a batlang a a bottled ka the P400 in his wallet.Le tsoga lere bolaisitse people like Julius.

  13. Gud luck mapetla,dats a sign of hard work for sombdy lyk tucks seeing u performing and a bo a bata go collaborate le wena,it wiil encourage other local artists may be to stop imitation and try to ennovate.

  14. kana Mma Venson Moitoi o ntenne hela are BMD ke phathi ya bo splash le bo Slizer.o ne a raya jang ne batho?artists should nt be affiliated 2 any party.ene ga a bona ba laleditswe 4 entertainment are ke ma BMD?nnya mma BDP le yone e tle e hire VEE.

  15. kante rre makgalemele ga a neelwa se a neng a se promisitswe ko BMD Kana domi e ntshitse a better offer,i mean wat shud w learn 4rm him as our leader 4rm Bfa to shoshong!

  16. guys lyk bo rre makgalemele do not knw their way forward, i wanda wot he was doing in da 1st place if at da end of da day he goes back to da very same pple he was deserting on his way to BMD,hw do we expect him to lead us if he cant find his own way, eish wa swabisa!!!

  17. Mapetla don’t, Bo Tuks bana le “big brother metanlity”, “know it all attitude” he is going to swindle your cash.

  18. Rre Makgalemele ga a itse koo ayang le koo a tswang so batho ba Shoshong le iponetse ka a lona matlho nextym le ta thopha boleng ja motho e seng madi…@ ha ele Pelenomi Moitoi le Rre Mokaila ba bata go ntsha P400 jaaka mosione yoo senang maitseo nxla!!!!!!!!!!

  19. mapetla u r my guy…idedele bhuti wam mare plz ke thola ke go bona gijima gijima le bo special constable ba central police station ke ipotsa gore go itsagalang ka wena bhuti wam…i know u r human but bo .c.4 ga ba siamela go nna ba bonwa kwa gago motswalle,mercy thebe was not impressed ka dat issue papi