Kwaito-Kwasa sensation Naledi Kaisara, popularly known as Slizer in music circles, had people talking at the be Mobile Premier League Awards held at the GICC. Slizer was spotting a shiny piece on her wedding finger and she seemed to be flashing it to the men who were ogling her as she did her trademark waist popping dance moves.
Slizer has been in the media recently with allegations that her hubby-to-be feels threatened by the lady’s growing popularity and might pop the question any time.
When reached for comment, Slizer insisted she was not wearing an engagement ring.
“It is just a piece of jewellery like my earrings,” she said
The star stressed that there are no wedding bells in the near future.
She, however, said the ring is working to her advantage as now the many men who used to hit on her are keeping their distance.
“I have attracted a lot of attention from men, and this ring is working to my advantage,” she told Yours truly.

A masked artist going by the name Zero Degree claim that he was barred from taking part in the Presidential competitions held over the weekend.
A source told Shaya that Zero Degree was given an ultimatum.
“It was either he removed his mask, or hit the road,” said the source.
The disappointed source who claimed to have links with the embattled artists said he suspects foul from a few individuals at the Arts and Culture Department.
“A few individuals have shown their dislike for the artist and have done everything possible to ensure Degree does not take part in the competitions. That is sabotage,” he cried.


Yours Truly had an awesome weekend! It all started on Friday at the Coca Cola awards. Ever so alert to anything that will be of interest to you gossipmongers, my eyes, camera and ears were on red alert. It all got interesting when unexpectedly Botswana football international Mogogi Gabonamong arrived at the event, a lady in hand!
The Capetown Santos hard man and his lady friend looked to be having a night of their life.
With his eyes fixed only on his lady, the man famously called Manchester seemed to care less of the attention he was getting from the paparazzi. It might turn out that the lady was his sister or cousin, but in my little knowledge siblings don’t look at each  other that way.
When a man is not afraid to bring a lady to an event of that magnitude, he should know what he is doing.
Could Gabonamong be telling us something? Watch this space.


I have never understood ballroom dancing. In fact I’m not comfortable with it. It is one of the few dances where one usually sees more they had hoped for as girls with their funny looking partners in body-hugging suits flash to whoever wants to see.
A certain group which  of recent has become a common site at corporate events left many astonished with their flesh-baring act.
The above lady gave guys more than they had wished for. and believe you me, none of the men at the event had anything to complain about. Keep flashing my dear.


Young gospel musician Vusi Mutukuifa’s fate was to be sealed on 04 June but the verdict was postponed indefinitely as the state prosecutor did not turn up at court.
The young musician faces murder charges and according to sources the case has become too hard for the talented musician.
Allegedly Mutukuifa changed his earlier statement.
“He told court that he lied and made a new statement,” the source said.


  1. vusi dont worry everythng will be ok as long as u pray .when phooko next time it will be u o ta bo bona bontsho.gatwe se tshege yoo oleng mareledi a selepele so thnk before u talk .ngwana yo o dirile phoso fela jaaka any human being can make mistake so give him a break

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