It ain’t gonna happen! If you were one of the people who were waiting for the return of veteran Andrew Sesinyi back on radio, I’m sorry to say the gentleman is not coming back.
Sesinyi was supposed to begin his Sunday talk show on 5th September. A press release from Duma FM states that Sesinyi has been offered a full time job by an institution whose contract prohibits freelance employment since this would cause conflict of interest.
Shaya was really looking forward to listening to a voice from the past.



President Ian Khama came late to the Zebras/Togo game rocking a Manchester United jersey, his favourite club as those close to him claim.
Before you throw the so what question at Shaya, let me be straight forward, there is nothing wrong with wearing a Man U or Maphatshwa jersey, it’s normal. However it becomes a bit awkward when the national team is involved in a crucial encounter for a historic first ever AFCON qualification and the Head of State comes looking like Ryan Giggs.
Even Paparampa would not do such a thing, he is a true patriot! Ask Township Rollers fans. Khama has been under fire lately from FIFA, who are not impressed by his Constituency League, and his response was that the football governing body’s threats were misplaced.
It has come to Yours Truly’s attention that the President was involved in a match before the Zebras duel, that is why he was wearing soccer boots, but he could have tried to hide the red shirt. I know there are people who would have given him their Zebras gowns and a vuvuzela.Mr President, it is time to don the Zebras stripes. After all you show  interest in the sport!



Gospelist Matheke Leteane through Fladen Music is involved in a row with local producer Robert Dargie over a master copy of his latest CD Intshwarele.Fladen Music co-producer Kabelo Malala said since relocating to South Africa they have tried all in vain to get their master back from Dargie.
“He has been playing hide and seek and finally when we called the police, he provided the wrong master and we have since opened a case at G-West Police station,” Malala said.He said it has been difficult to have Matheke’s album going without the master, which Dargie seem reluctant to release.
‘That master costs R9500 and he should be ready to give us the genuine copy or pay up,” Malala told Chilling Out.
However Dargie sees this as another plot to oust him.
“These people want to take advantage of me because I’m a foreigner. They failed to get food now they want to sue me,” Dargie fired back.
He said even the police who came to search his house understood his argument.
“This is a new trend, now everybody who fails to put food on the table comes to Dargie,” the producer sarcastically said.


  1. E e, Re lapile ka mejolo ya batho le gore mang le mang ga a na madi. Focus on thought provoking news items. Gossip is over rated.
    Grow up people.

  2. old news shaya who doesnt know that the president went to the game wit a man u shirt gape jaaka o bua he was from charity games.ka benson motlogele we already know wa kolota so what im saying is you are so boring these days we want real intresting gossip itsose rra….!!!!!

  3. wena Shaya o a bora.ga o sa tlhole o na le dikgang.Itshware sentle, mo go tautona o a fetelela jaanong, ga o na dikgang rra.

  4. benson everything will be fyn,they are some good and bad bad tyms in lyf’n learn from your mistakes’n God is the only 1 who can rescure you.

  5. shaya wa bora these days….thz is no longer a gossip column its sumthng else…we want juicy stuff itsose rra ija!

  6. When it rains it pours..Benson’s lyf is so messed up. I dont knw bt i dont c him cumin bk. Too bad, all the FNB scams, household auctioned now this. Too bad.

  7. Benson,trust in God, rest in his arms & he will confort you.You have been through enough. Soon everything will be back to normal. Dont you worry.

  8. eseng mo go Tautona shaya wa hetelela,a o ne a go reetse are o tla apara purapura ya zebras? wa tsofala malatsi a ga e sa tlhole ele wena wa nako tsele aaaaaaaaah.

  9. So this is how petty our newspapers are! I’m disppointed in the voice Newspaper. How come they are always attacking Benson. benson is a human being and he has his own life. Who on earth does not owe. Rona we love our country and we are sick and tired of the Voice attacking ngwana o mongwe. He has parents, family and those who love him. He is a very good guy, and now the Voice thinks we can buy their stories. This paper is destroying our nation. Ther are a lot of bitter people on this earth. Come on the Voice don’t you have better things to gossip about. benson we love you and you are a citizen like anybody else. Botswana wake up. The Voice is evil. Benson stay blessed.

  10. Jacob

    Shame on the Voice for always attacking Benson. Ga gona yoo sa koloteng, families owe, organisations owe, presidents and even sovereign states owe. The Voice Staff should stop all this mess. Our country won’t go anywhere if we keep celebrating the downfall of our very own. benson Stay strong and we miss you on TV.

  11. LESH

    Bathong the Voice ke baloi. ke mang yoo ka ratang nako le nako Tautona wa lefatshe a attackiwa ke Pampiri. One time the voice writes that benson is a rising Star, and now they keep reporting bad staff about him. Shame on the Voice. Benson you will always be our role model. We don’t care what the papers are saying. batswana re ya ka ditshele. AO!

  12. Benson ke tsala yame. I grew up with him. i know him to be strong, and he fears God. So all this bad reporting by a single newspaper year in year out is only making him strong. He loves people, he loves touching their lives. We will always sgive him support. Some of us we visit him at his house, and his property and all furniture is there. As his childhood friend he inspires me with his resilience and love to make change in people’s lives. lebenito my Man, I know you are strong, and all this cheap reporting can’t hurt you. You are a good guy, and if as always, keep fighting and prove haters wrong. I will always be your friend.pls keep the inspirational spirit aglow. Gatwe banthati ba kana ka bantlhoyi.

  13. Thee Voice weee.. tswaa mogo Benson. Benson le ene ke motho. we are sick and tired of ur shameless reporting. This is totally unacceptible. benson one ase molato go bala dikgang mo TV, abo a iperekela ka di-business tsa gagwe. whwther he makes it or not its none of ur benson. The Voice is destroying our country. Rona we love our country and we love every citizen, including benson. The Voice e tlhabisa kgala. What goes around comes around. give Benson a BREAK!!!

  14. Nnete..

    Jesus was persecuted, today we glorify his name… mandela was imprisoned and tortured today he is an icon…Botswana was seen as a desert and barren piece of land before independence, today we are self-sustaing. Today The Voice insults Benson and they are trying all they can to bring him down…. but tommorow our dear Benson will be living large, while his detractors at this Rubbish Newspaper wallow in thier sins. tshwara ka thata rre Benson. Modimo oa go rata.

  15. shaya this is NO SENSE….i hope this is the last tym o sa re neele juicy stuff! o tswe fela mo ngwaneng yo mongwe…mo go benson e a gana!!

  16. shaya this is NO SENSE….i hope this is the last tym o sa re neele juicy stuff! o tswe fela mo ngwaneng yo mongwe…mo go benson Ke a gana!!

  17. Shaya get a life and stop following matshelo a batho. Le gone motho yo reng Benson wa mo kolota o solva eng kago laletsa bitterman yo go tweng shaya? Shame on some people. Benson let me tell you that my son, my husband and many of my friends baa go rata. Pls don’t worry about gossip. And our President is a good man, and he wears what he likes. Kante mathata a gago Shaya ke eng?

  18. If Mr Sesinyi can’t join DUMA FM, his son Benson Phuthego, can always fill his space. He is talented and we know that. As for Dipampiri tsedi Bitter, we don’t care. Big UP, ‘Bongwe ke Bobedi”

  19. Benson is both the newsreader and newsworthy. Next week re bolele gore Benson o jola le mang these days please

  20. If Shaya can’t pay for benson’s debts, he or she must shut up. ke mang yo osa koloteng? I wish Mr phuthego was my brother, i would be so proud. If I was in Iraq, I would burn up The Voice Paper and all the bad people working for it. Ba rata go kwala ka babngwe le dithokolosi, bone mme ba palelwa ke matshelo a bone. How many of you guys at the Voice have a life. ZERO. And ur abusing journalism. Shame on SHAYA. Sis… Mr President khama is a Big Brand and Benson is our STAR.

  21. Nice picture Mr Phuthego..

    Rona we don’t care what the Voice say. Ohh handsome Benson. Go to CNN and keep away from insults tsa Bo-Shaya. re lapisitswe ke maaka.

  22. Hey guys I saw Benson at the Gym.. he looks fit and ribbed. And then I saw bitter shaya he looks disgraceful and hungry..

    Bennie o bra ya rona. U smile on TV, u smile in the gym, U smile when ur an MC. Eish Braa,shaya can’t bring u down. O rapele THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD tuu. Shaya is the Valley of death, and wena you will shoulder ur way thru, coz rona gare bitter.

  23. Betsho! rona re tatilwe ke matlhabisaditlhong a kwalang ke The Voice ka bana ba rona. Naare batho ba the Voice bone ba ole bo setlhareng? aa ga bana bana. Pila pila ke eng ba rogakaka Rre Phuthego le Tautona jaaka ba rata. Guys lets flog all members of staff ba the voice. Kana reba latlheleng kwa legageng laga Kobokwe. Thats where this filthy paper belongs. enough is Enough.

  24. bathong the time has come to put a BIG STOP to filthy reporting. pasmpiri ya the Voice is Public enemy number one. I encourage all peace-overs to stop buying this paper. Kante yone gae kolote?

  25. Naare wena Shaya monnamogolo ke wena. Benson o go jetse eng sane. O le monnamogolo yo o kanakana o nna o setse setse ngwana morago sis! Rona re a itse gore o dirang. Re bue? Ga o ka boelela sengwe ka Benson le nna ke tlaabo ke bua sengwe ka wena. O tle o ikutlwele.
    Mo go Tautona wa rona o a kaka boy!
    Darkie o a le gaisa, o bua nnete ga a re ga le palelwa ke market fela le a mo blama. Ga le itse go opela mose. Owai! ke Botswana style.

  26. nna bathn re lapisitswe ke dikgan tsa ga dargie wik in wik out le gone ele kgang e 1 hela go changa maina a a batho baba reng ba tsieditswe hela!agh shaya o tshwana le mokaragana hela i thnk u all shd take a break lee go ikaga well wait thn bein served ka dio tsone tse re sa bolo gole emela beke yotlhe..

  27. mr pres, m disappointd atlst ha one o apere sa man u sese black n white kana o aparetse sa zebras ruri kana o se pakile hela gap tota ga goa nna sentle hela betsho,tht jacket on top of a red jersey..

  28. a ko le bue ka batho baba newsworthy, ke batle real data like bo Ndelu le magogoshane a mangwe,dikgang didi ntsi re utlwile ka benson go ntse go lekane

  29. mxem…..a pala maano…o shaya di blanks buti….khama is oooldd news, ene o botoka one a apere jacket ya zebras mo letsatisng..o bata a hitha jang? nna ne ke apere sa kaizer chiefs…..a ere re supa tautone re icheke..bontsi ga rena le haele sepe sa zebora

  30. wena shaya ga ke sa thola ke bala article ya gago kante gone o mang o sa senyegelweng ke tiro ga hirwa yo mongwe.

  31. Ke eng le roga Shaya jaana bagaecho ga le na Botho, ha le sa rate kgang buang jaaka bana ba batswana ka botho,,,,,,,

    Le gone rea itse mang le mang wa kolota, kgang ke gore ga twe Benson cheke tsa gagwe di bounsa rait-roo….that’s a shock to most of us, rona ba re simololang go bona kgang e….As for Ben,, i feel 4 u ma bro. m sorry to hear this… may God rescue u….

    nnyaa ya tautona le nna ga ke e utlwe waitse…..le bone bo Duma fm