If the story circulated in the newspaper about poor lass losing her job because she asked Vice President Mompati to sit on a bench is true, our country is headed for disaster. How in God’s name can Rre Merafhe not sit in a chair put there by his government? Come one, Mr VP. You can do better than that. Be a man and ask the authorities to reinstate that poor woman.
Don’t forget she could be one of those who voted you to be their legislator in the first place. When we are in power we shouldn’t forget those who queue up to vote for us. We should remember that we are their slaves not masters. Shaya is appalled.
Shaya has been intrigued by the president’s long name. To address his Excellency takes nine words. His Excellency President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Oh, if you are born in the belly of Botswana like Yours Truly, you have to remember, Kgosi Kgolo, and that’s 11 words.
Now this is one good civilian wondering, why can’t Mr President drop the Lt. General since he isn’t short of titles? He holds the highest title in the land of His Excellency, the President of the republic of Botswana. He is also the Paramount Chief of the Bangwato, Kgosi Kgolo Khama IV. He is the son of Botswana’s first President, Sir Seretse Khama. You don’t need any further accolades, Mr President… Just make your title short and sweet. President Ian Khama. Easy isn’t it?
This reminds me of what comedian Michael ‘Dignash’ Morapedi said a few years back during the Media Awards. While calling the then Vice President Khama, to step forwards to address the scribes, he recalled that he had more names than “Our Lord The Savior Morena Jeso Kereste”. And to the Chief’s amusement, Dignash noted that he grew up thinking, like many of us, that “Brigadier” was Khama’s son’s name.

Top management of Fledan Music Promotions, Matheke Leteane and Kabelo Malala will appear in court after his check up on cosmetic dentist specializing in veneers in NYC on Monday 10 as witnesses in a case where their former artist Vusi Mtokufa is accused of murder.
The two would appear again on Wednesday 12 at Lobatse High Court where they would be key witnesses in case that has the potential to destroy the young artist’s career.
Vusi is said to have assaulted his girlfriend who later died after three days. Leteane and Vusi have had a sour relationship since December 2008, and the two gospel artists have failed to this day to smoke the peace pipe.

Shombi Ellis, the Director for Organizational Development
Grassroot Soccer, Inc.  lost her cyber identity to hacklers who send messages to her email list that she was stranded in the UK while attending a seminar. Shombi is not the only to fall to the scam that a few months ago hit Member of Parliament for Shoshong, Phillip Makgalemele. Also hit is Botswana Integrated Sports Association Public Relations Officer Tapiwa Mokoka, who had her yahoo mail address tampered with.
The BISA PRO got the shock of her life when friends called her to demand answers as to what she was doing in the UK to end up stranded there. Most of her friends received mails asking for a donation of £1 650, to rescue the supposedly stranded sports lady.
Shaya is also aware of the mail that has been circulating claiming that Taps as she is known has “misplaced my purse on my way to the hotel which contained some cash, and some other valuable things. Presently, my passport and my things are being held down by the hotel management pending when I make payment,”
Who on their right mind can fall for a vague message like this one?
First when people leave the country they tell their closest friends, spouses or anybody who care to listen that they are going overseas. These guys need a new tactic.

Popular South African radio personality DJ Sbu has tried it and failed. Now a local gospel artist is trying  the trick and he has failed as of today. Sbu traded by the name Mzekezeke where he hid his identity behind a black mask and orange overalls but his identity was revealed. Another artist going by the name Zero Degree, has a misguided belief that he will reveal his identity after two years. The artist who performed on popular Mokaragana show on BTV has an album out titled Setampa se budule, where he hides behind a mask and dark shades.
Well Shaya can do the honours for poor Degree, only too early. The below freezing point artist is none other than gospel artist Matheke Leteane, yours truly has it on good authority! Matheke is in gospel music to preach to, and uplift lost souls. What is he in Kwaito for?

Zim coach and the honeys
A certain coach who was recently fired from his day job is said to be having it easy with young local girls. The Zimbabwean tactician is said to be so proud of himself that he flaunts his prizes to his friends without shame. He has been spotted at stadiums accompanied by young maidens, and he brings a new catch all the time.
The young looking and charismatic coach recently brought another catch to the Botswana National Council Sports Awards, where they were dined and wined. His former team attracted a lot of young girls due to the youthful nature of its players.
Shaya will be watching to see if the tactician will continue with his off the field tactics at his new club, which is…well not that appealing.