Controversial gossipmonger, Gilbert PP Seagile of the popular Montsamaisa Bosigo programme on Yarona FM has disappeared. Fans of the controversial show asked Yours Truly to find out what could be happening at the youthful radio station.Programmes Manager Owen Rampha told Shaya that PP left the station without notifying the management.“He just left without providing any reasons,” Rampha said.
However, PP said his reasons for leaving are well known.
“Rampha even emailed me wishing me future luck. The problem is I was not given time to bid farewell to my listeners,” he said.
PP said there was a misunderstanding that led to him leaving the station.
“There was a communication breakdown between me and my programmes’ manager. But it was not the first time that something of that sort had happened. The first time it did, it was solved amicably but this time around no body seemed to want to give an ear. Everybody now think I wanted to leave the station,” lamented PP.
He said as far as he is concerned he is still an employee of Yarona FM.
“I’m a trainee of this station. I was promised that Montsamaisa Bosigo would be a fully-fledged show, but that has not happened. Management event went on record in local newspapers that I would be employed full time and still that has not materialised,” he said.
PP said now that he seem to have lost on Montsamaisa Bosigo his focus is realising his dream of being a full time employee of the station.
“I have been promised the job and due to that promise I have turned down a couple of offers so if that does not come I will have to seek help and take legal action against the station,” said PP.

He is in the news again. Do you know the well-decorated man in the Defence Force? The one who allegedly impregnated a female cadet?
Well Yours Truly has just learnt that the said senior officer has been involved in a car accident just recently. The military boss is said to have knocked down a pedestrian while driving under the influence. And instead of going through what all of mere mortals are forced to do in similar circumstances, the controversial officer is said to have used his rank and refused to take a breathalyser test.
Shaya promises to disclose the condition of the pedestrian involved in the car accident, soon, very soon.


Some people are rumoured to be having a lot of fun at Duma FM. Shaya’s ever sharp ears have learnt that a certain high flying gentleman is behaving like a horny little boy at the station premises.
The married fella is said to be sleeping with a certain female presenter, who many believe should have been fired a long time ago. The poor sister is aware that many listeners are not happy with her performance and is using thigh power to cling to her job. So bad are these two that most of their sex escapades happen right in the studio.
It does not end there! The man about town is also sleeping with another lass in the advertising department. The two ladies know that they are messing with the same guy, but for the sake of their jobs, they will keep dropping the pants.
Still on Duma FM, another married chap is frolicking with a journalist from the station. The two usually go to places like Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town to engage in some hanky panky. The passion is indeed roaring.

Sakaeyo Jane, the famous match commentator and newsreader at RB1 has been appointed to a new senior position at Botswana television. Rumours in the corridors is that the former football commentator is so in love with kung fu movies that he has no problem with the movies playing continuously for the whole week.
In other news, a certain police officer who left the service to join the station is now hosting a jazz programme in one of the government owned stations. The brother is moving. From cop, to television man now a radio personality.
Wow! Btv has now become where everybody is going to fulfil their fantasies. If I could be given a chance to work there as a boss we would spend the whole year watching vegetation, with Bob Marley’s music playing in the background!

Another Kwasa Kwasa fallen star is in deep trouble. The man who quit the army to pursue music was reportedly arrested some few weeks back after failing to clear his debts. News reaching Shaya is that his family members who forked out P40 000 to clear his debts saved the distraught man. Kwasa kwasa artist have been the hardest hit in the local industry, none of them is making any money and the unpaid bills are accumulating. I feel sorry for these guys.


  1. Franco ntsalaka.dats life.O kae Alfredo Mos,captain Dira,Matsieng?2b honest.de music industry has gone down.all artist r down.go setse go thenya thenya yone Culture Spears le Vee.FRANCO just redeem urself and be back with a bang.tsosolosa kwasa rra e a nyelela.kana go tewa JEFF? Batswana betsho kgang keo nthusa.

  2. I always advice people gore ba tsee kopi ba ye go kopa madi ko station but ka Jeff Matheatau ke kopa batswana re mo rapelele thata

  3. There are many ways of getting jobs waitse..! These is indirect prostitution at its best..using thigh power to cling to her job. So bad are these two that most of their sex escapades happen right in the studio.. hahahahha The passion is indeed roaring

  4. which eva kwasa kwasa artist u r, eitha ask benson on advice ya go tshwara sugar mummy or simply just go open up slizer’s dirope. kana gatwe o butse mo go ba kwasakwasa.
    as 4 u kiddos ba le janang mo studio..ga se go toga le swela moo le lona? read the cover page gongwe ga le thaloganye. ya go vaisa kuku!!!!!

  5. uh! kante lwa re ke JEFF? A mme ke ene?nnya ruri a cheke SLIZER kana o kile a ikopela teng.mayb o sa ntse a na le zakanyana.a ka mo jesa 20grand.

  6. Owai..dilo tsa di letso ke matlakala fela.Heelang kana nna ke ntseke re gongwe PP go tewa motho yo montle kante gotewa Mugabe’s lil brotha

  7. @raleragwana’
    heela,hae pp go tewa mong-golo! bompe……. hahaha! SLIZER, help the brotherman out. bt plis book a room gakere, we dnt want another dramatic end to a rompy night.

  8. damn! ne o ka seka wa thoka jeff,gatwe go rileng ka lona ne borra? madi ame a nkileng ka bo ke ya di festivalen tsago a hetela sekolotonyana seo sago kgakala,o a isitse kae ka mpa e okaren lekuka eo,a heditswe ke di shake shake? ha o bona ke emisitse go reetsa muzic wago jaana o ntenne ka yone mpa cos go supa gore ntse o ikanya nna.

  9. PP tlhe le ene e kare ga tlhape,his skin is oily ,o tlhokang ne bathong ka difacial wash di teng,metsi le one a teng.

  10. wts da fuss about pple’s luks kante?monna ga betlwe o potokwa fela.gape the beauty of a man is his wallet and bank account.o a baja bo mabontle ba Bots PP.LO TLA SALA LO NTSE LORE O OILY ENE A LETSA THEKA.

  11. Heelang o maswe jang ne batho, a ntsihe ke mokalaka kana jang… Kgaaaa! selo sa go ka tlhatsisa motho dijo

    Hey kare lo a le rata letheka ka mme ka hare… lo kotana le mo ditsebeng tsa boo lo dikoko… kgayang tlhe dilo ke lona

  12. sies bo PP ba maswe mme ba rata dilo, i remeber 1 day commenting about ivory coast player(emanuel eboue) are o leswe ke eng asa reke foam bath. e kare o raya gore ene ke motho mme ke kgakgala hela selo se. saaaa!

  13. I like PP cuz the guy is a real entertainer,Bompe ga bo tsene gope ok big man.Basadi o ba itse ga ba nke ba bua sepe batho ba!!

  14. Kwasa Kwasa needs a facelift,if at all Franco needs to come back.It should be more appealing in terms of image and age.I mean how about Franco putting on suits now,the dancers ba apare like Chomee’s dancers and maybe he features artists from other genres.Franco can do a collabo with Scar with the beats goin up and down tempo to accommodate both of them,Just like Papa Wemba who featured a rapper

  15. its nt kung fu movies only,sengwe le sengwe.they wil replay a new song until u get bored.Btv ke dilo di sele,most of their programmes ar boring nd nt informative.we just watch tsone dikgang fela

  16. Btv should be cut off this year. so that they can save up some money to start off next year.
    While on the other hand they could try giving ‘Shaya’his own show

  17. btv e a pallwa batho bana ba limko o kare ba rutetswe tiro bogolo ga le leke bone bagolo ba lesa ba nna ko malapeng ka e ba chaetse nako

  18. heelang lareng ne lare jeff o jele cheri mo studiong fatshe hei ele ruri one a tshwerwe ke nopa blyn!! bthon PP ke BOMB mme ale makgakga koteng le haele chelete gana yne gaobna ale faa jana ijaaa. ke mang cheri yagwe o bati

  19. btv,is borrrrrrrrrrrring,le mmollele gore fa ele gore o rtra kung fu movie ga se mongwe le mongwe yo di ratang

  20. @mokalaka
    o tla swabela batswapon,o itha ore o montle wena o ratile go tshwan le PP jana!nxhaaaaa………..!

  21. wena pp tribalist ke wena, PP ga se mokalaka ke mongwaketase jaaka wena o ditsiri.Gape keletse ke go bone ko station ha hungry lion o gasulakaka koko ee mahura o tlhaetsa bo taximan dijo. sis!oa tlwaela sonny