D for Designer cop
Up there in the big office, D stands for Discipline. In Thebeyame Tsimako’s offices across the road from OP, that D stands for Designer sandals for the cops. No, it’s not us; it’s in the pic. Of course the back view is tight!

Juju-boy’s hairy tale
Kgotla Ntsima, popularly known as Juju-Boy to his legion of music fans courtesy of his hit-track ‘Hurt Me’ is an amazing entertainer. The Mo-Hawk hair-styled musician was spotted in the city of Francistown over the weekend doing what he knows best; entertaining the masses who had gathered en masse at Lizard Entertainment for the club owner’s mammoth birthday bash.  
In between all his gyrating and lip-synching stunts, Shaya was appalled to catch sight of Juju-Boy’s unshaved armpits. And to make it all worse, sweat ran down in rivulets from the hairy armpits, but the one-man-rock-band star seemed to care less. 
Our advice is for the ‘Hurt Me” hit-maker to buy some cheap razor blades and get rid of the hair fast. That’s a total turn off man. Better still, fire your grooming manager, that is if you have one.
You surely ‘hurt’ my eyesight.

SABC upstages Btv on home ground
South African television channel SABC has just catapulted the newly formed  BMD to new heights. After the party and other opposition parties complained of selective reporting by the state owned Btv, the SA channel gave BMD a huge boost by reporting about  the Saturday convention. SABC, just like other South African media houses have been following the BDP shenanigans. While Btv aired the BMD story in what looked like an after thought, it was headline news for the SA channel. On the other hand, Btv only showed a brief clip of the event after the international and sports news.
Yah! Maybe this will show Btv and the powers that be that being a PR machinery for the ruling party and ignoring the biggest story of the moment does not mean news black out. In fact, it could mean more for your publicity for your opponent. Just be journalists for once!

Trial and error at Duma FM
The embattled Duma Fm has reshuffled their line-up just after under four months. After the forced departure of Moses Maruping and Kevin…, the man tasked with steering the station, Robin Chivazve took over the breakfast show. A new line up
has been issued with Catherine Molejane now moved from the more hectic afternoon drive to midmorning show.  The person who is supposed to save Duma in the afternoon drive is none other that local rapper Desma ‘Ice Queen’ Basson. Well Shaya is concerned. Desma has no radio experience and she has been thrown into the deep-end.
Bonnie Dintwe completes the line up with the 15:00-18:00hr show, and is the man expected to fill the void left by Dignash. Would it be too painful to go back and hold a hand out to Miso Mmereki, Thabo Osekeng and Mike Morapedi, or at least lure seasoned radio presenters from other stations?
Having said that Shaya has learnt that the station’s consultant is luring O’Neal. But, as my sources point out, it is unlikely that O’Neal will accept the offer due financial disparities.

“You are no better Motswana than I. Try to push me out of this country and I will fight back. Do it at your own peril,” BMD interim treasure, MP Samson Guma Moyo, responding to questions about his Botswana citizenship.


  1. Big ups to SABC to give us a detailed report about BMD.At least we all now are aware of the issues pertaining to the new party

  2. dilo dia direga waitse. le kgang ya ntwa ya sedudu with namibia re utlule pele ko motsweding fm. tota a lare we willl grow as a country?

  3. nnyaa betsho ga se juju hela a le nosi a rweleng sekgwa ka magwafa, most of men has busy n sweaty armpits.lol jujuboy tym 2 shave le wena papa

  4. Guys the Duma radio station is a Joke! Moses and kevin we giving us real talk n they were fired cos of BDP damn!
    Nwdys i dnt even bother listern to radio i read newspapers only! gat no tym on bootlickers