The music empire of Eric Ramco seem not to be doing well in the market. It has been quite a while since Ramco records released a money spinning album and it is no wonder that some of the label’s artists have opted out. Traditional groups Mmurubele, Matsieng and Machesa left followed by Kganka of Koloi ya digase fame.
Just recently Ramco is said to have went to Kganka’s house in Gaborone West where he turned down tables and broke windows demanding money from the musician.
“I had gone  to Francistown to distribute my records and some of his but I did not make enough sales. I tried to tell this to Ramco on arrival but he did not want to listen and and started breaking things in my house and ripping off blankets from my girlfriend who was on the bed,” said of his ordeal.
He said Ramco accused him of embezzling funds despite the fact the sales were low.
“I cannot go to Francistown and come back to Gaborone having made P300. I told him it took  long for me to come back because I went to places like Phikwe to sell the records but he still would not listen,” Kganka said.
The angry Kganka said he is shocked because Ramco is still to pay him two years of  royalties from his CD and DVD.
“I’m still to receive my royalties. He has told me that both my CD and DVD did not sell,” lamented Kganka.



Popular kwasa kwasa rapper Biza Mupulu was caught eyeing a skimpily dressed lady at the just ended Consumer Fair. The talented Kwasa kwasa muso was lost in oblivion for a moment, carefully studying his area of interest. One wonders what could have been going on on the rapper’s mind. Was it dombolo, Sekele or Mosuku, motsuku wa Batswana! Whatever it was, we will never know,  but we have the picture!



Former…er I will never get used to that, but yes, former Minister of Defence and Security Dikgakgamatso Ramadeluka Seretse has resigned! That is old news right.
Well not long ago, the minister was very resolute on his stance. He told all and sundry that he will not resign, and that the only way he was going  to vacate his ministerial position was only  if the President fires him.
When people across the country were baying for his blood and demanding for his sacking, Seretse looked unshaken, in fact he threatened to sue everybody who linked his name to some disgusting things he did not do.
Now yours truly was shocked to the bone to learn that the honourable minister has called it quits. More questions than answers here. Why did Ndelu change his earlier stance and resigned? Was he pushed? By who? Will he be prosecuted? For what? Will he sue Shaya? When and for what?


Former Miss Botswana and Gabz FM Chief Executive Officer Mrs Joyce Manase Ntau look like a lady expecting a new arrival. Yours Truly could not help it but notice a bulge on her tummy recently at the Consumer Fair. It could be something else, or latest fashion, but there was certainly a bulge there. I however have to admit that the former Miss Botswana looked stunning on her pink dress.

The things our politicians do leaves a lot to be desired! Shaya has been informed that after it emerged that Botswana Democratic Party is using money to lure back some defectors and opposition politicians, a lot of failed politicians have begun flirting with the ruling party. Some are rumoured to be willing to sell their souls just to join the ruling elites. Among these are opposition candidates who have tried for decades to make it to parliament without success.
The politicians who have suffered years of defeat at the hands of BDP are rumoured to be willing to dance to whatever tune provided by the ruling party. Talk about politics of the stomach. Whatever happened to principle?


  1. Nyaa ruri ntsalake Shaya o heletswe go helelwa, o saletswe he go hopholetsa hela…ke raya dipelaelo. Rona bo Marataditaba re batla ore: I have it on good authority that sebanebane o jola le sebanebane, Mopalamente o jele le14, Joel ba mo jele marago etc.

  2. nnyaa shaya Dadao Mupulu o ne a le arametse le sa mo tlhabetse.ke ipotsa gore a ka kgatlhwa ke leragwana a binelwa ke baba sa apareng.a gaa kgotsofale?On Ndelu’s issue,he was askd by his cousin HE 2 resign to save 4 his embarrassment.he was balancing,a kere he made Moyo to resign coz he was under investigations.

  3. 2nd wik ntse o re bora,gorilen shaya? bogolo ke eng ne o sa ncheke ne ke zamile party e ne e attendilwe ka di G-STRING,bosigo ne ele jo bo tutetseng.

  4. concerning da BIZA thn,shaya o leka go reng tota,monna mongwe le mongwe o heta hoo,ag!camera tsa lona di a dlala

  5. musician tsa mo dladleng tlhe banna di koma mmu aish,
    yoo nnile miss botswana leng e ntse e kete ga pila jaana.,
    yaga ndelu kea etshaba,
    BDP buys back quality e seng sengwe le sengwe ga o bone ba ise ba apporoach Motswaledi

  6. Biza one a rokotsega maikutlo a bona lerago, ga ke tshwae Biza phoso monna mongwe le mongwe nkabo a lebile lerago leo.Fa ele Eric ene ke ipotsa gore omo go ahe

  7. bo Ndelu ka dichubaba ba heditse madi a Batswana kana batho ga ba kgotsofale……….Bogwaba Ndelu Bogwaba ga bo a siama

  8. ntsalaka, jaanong o feletswe ke dikgang. ke batla go itse thata gore go diralalang like, mang o jewa ke mang, mang o tsweetswe mosadi, mang o ithwadisitse mang. ke batla o mpolelele distory tse di monate, like mapalamente, di music celeb gore di jewa ke bo mang. i want that in the next edition.

  9. Some say, “some days are better others, Shaya.”
    I trust 5 years f4om now, you will be a much better reporter with experience.
    Stay strong, Sir. I know its not easy keeping me interested with thing like the above, but I am patient. Lol

  10. ele gre biza ene ga tshwanela go leba fa kgatlhega?mme ntlha wena o ne o ntebile ke tswele di hotpants wa ba wa kgopiwa wa rata gowa,ija!itsose rra o tlogele go re bora.mxxxm!!!!

  11. Shaya nnyaa rra ako o itsose this material is so boring,this is the fourth time o ntseo posta nonsense.i tsose nfana ao!