VIBE AT VAARBZ: Revellers at the house party

A friend of mine had been going on and on about a cool hang out spot called VAARBZ in the city.

He enjoyed the scene so much he asked me to join him this time around.

We got our invite and checked it out, plus a chat with the guys behind VAARBZ.


It is a youthful social gathering that was well put together.

It looked attractive to the eye, the Djs and music selection was on point with every mood of the hour.

Here is a quick Q&A with one of the organizers for this bimonthly event. 

HOST: Linxstar

Linky ‘Linxstar’ Maphanyane, 30, Partner & Strategy Director at OHC & Vaar

Q: What’s the concept behind Vaarbz?

A: That nostalgia coupled with the need for young people to go out to a place that keeps up with urban music trends just as quickly as they do is what compelled us to start Vaarbz

Vaarbz breaks the monotony of either same venue party experience (we look to change venues with each edition) or that of hearing the same music being played every weekend in the clubbing experience 

Q: When did it start?

A: We had our 1st Edition April 29th 2018 however the concept was birthed in 2016

Q: Who is your target market?

A: Our cutting line in terms of demo graph isn’t necessarily based on age but rather on common interests. People who love hip-hop, lounge house & an ambient networking environment 

If I were to try box them up I’d say young professionals either just starting or having been working for a couple of years. As well as aspirational varsity students

Q: When’s the next show?

A: Our event series is bi-monthly which means end of April will be the Summer Edition.  Dates will be confirmed via Twitter and Instagram, @TheeOHC 

Q: What should we expect with this one?

It’s our birthday edition so… *insert fireworks here*

Q:  Future plans for Vaarbz?

A: In 2019, we still have autumn, Winter & Spring editions yet to come, as well as our December edition “Vaarbz Fest” which will see us grow slightly from the usually 150 – 400 people. Really excited about all the events this year & keeping good Vaarbz not just in this city going.

Talk about bringing house parties back in a modern, funky way! It was evident that great thought was put into this project. Security in and out of the complex was there to ensure our safety and the cars. The host was welcoming and interactive with his audience. 

Everything about this party was a vibe, from the attractive looking lot that dressed for the occasion, the ambience of the pool party theme setting, to the Dj line-up, and music selection that was on point with every mood of the hour.  

The fact that they switch locations every event, is a genius concept that will continue making it a fresh spot to be. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect ideal hang out with the mates!

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